Nice Rack!

I mentioned my Field test of the Dragon Leatherworks Talon I mentioned we were furniture shopping. Well the Bed and Sofa arrived Yesterday.

I could have cared less about this bed when it was in the showroom. Not really something on my radar…but now that its set up in my bedroom its WICKED nice. Solidly built, well stained and a great style. All for a really good price. We’ve been going to Jordan’s for years now, mostly to watch movies in their kickass iMax, but overall I hadn’t been impressed by their furniture until recently. They’ve been switching over to domestic-made stock that seems to be a much higher quality, and more solid construction, and since the wife has been looking as sleigh beds for ages, I’ll note that the prices have gotten better too.

Don’t have a picture of the Sofa, its not all that exciting, but we got that at the Jordan’s outlet store for just under $300. I don’t nit-pick when it comes to $300 Sofas, but I WILL say it looks nice, and we definitely got our money’s worth.

Thought I’d Share!

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  1. Phssthpok says:

    Where’s the hard points for rigging the caffeinated dachshund’s to that sleigh bed?

  2. Old NFO says:

    And if SHE is happy, you will be MUCH happier, right??? 🙂

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