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I am very happy to know Dennis of Dragon Leatherworks not only is he a great guy but he makes great holsters. Better yet, he is looking to step up his holster business so he’s asking several bloggers to review his holsters. I’ve been there before with the Python Skin Fat-Jack, which is a robust and beautiful holster ideal for open carry, but designed to suit discreet concealed carry.

The new holster is called the Talon here’s my unit.

So let’s give a basic overview. This is the plain-Jayne model with conventional belt holes and the black color. It has a slight forward cant, and a “Combat Cut” sweat guard which makes for a comfortable carry, but a very fast and natural draw when carried at 4:00 OWB. Also when first trying the holster’s fit and ergonomics with my blue gun I was again pleased to see Dragon Leatherwork’s expected robust design that means the gun can easily be re-holstered with one hand. Also the holster is of open-mouth design, meaning that not only does my commander-length 1911 fits this holster, but my Government Length gun also fits (but with some muzzle protrusion…go over to the website to see a 5″ gun in the holster) And I’m sure those of you freaks with your 6″ longslide guns will find this holster also works very well, but I cannot speak about the compact and subcompact 1911 variants, best talk to the Dragon if you’re interested in a holster for your snazzy micro 1911. Also carrying a 12oz Blue gun, a 28oz Lightweight Commander, and a 40oz Stainless Government model were all equally comfortable, as the holster evenly distributes the weight of the gun.

So after these observations were made the wife was ready to buy some furniture, so away we went for some field testing. Pix and more review below the cut.

So first up, I will say I pocket carry and shoulder carry for my primary methods of carry, so my wardrobe is built around that and not belt carry. But let’s have a look at my feeble attempt.

That’s what I was wearing today. That’s an LL Bean fleece pullover, its actually rotten for concealment as its stretchy and thin so there’s no bulk, and it wants to conform to the gun under it. That being said, I tossed my winter coat over it which is much bulkier and hangs lower which allowed for perfectly comfortable concealment. Here’s a slightly better choice.

This chamois hangs a bit lower and is much stiffer. Still a longer sweatshirt, jacket or vest would work marvelously. If you happen to wear a suit coat or a blazer in your day-to-day this would be a great choice. But even a longer cotton t-shirt should conceal this gun very well, as the holster body is very smooth and gives a gradual curve to break up the pattern of the gun, and the belt loops keep the gun tucked in close to your body. So I’m a lousy concealment model, but with a little thought, and possibly just how you naturally dress.
BTW here’s how the holster rides on me.

OK so I ended up strapping this holster on, fiddling with the blue gun for a bit, then dropping my cocked-and-locked Commander in, and helping the wife make lunch. We made veggie Lasagna, and then I played nethack on my phone while lounging on the couch while it baked. Then I drove to the furniture store, sat on a bunch of couches, wandered around the showrooms, then sat around while the wife decided if she wanted that sleigh bed, then we stopped by the grocery store for some missing ingredients for dinner, where she went in and shopped and I stayed in the truck and played on my phone. Then home, where I did some house work and finally changed into my jammies and put my gun away. That was about 4 actives hours of carry, and I must say:


4 hours, that could have even been my more standard 16-18 hours. The holster doesn’t dig or pinch, or chafe, but still carries the butt of your gun tight enough to keep from excessive printing. (I could probably lower the profile a bit more by using a flush-fit 7-round magazine than my 8-round mags with the bumper). The sweat band keeps your slide, hammer, and beavertail from digging into your tender love-handles, but the combat cut still allows you to get a VERY positive grip on the gun for your draw stroke.

Also I’ve heard 4:00 belt carry is uncomfortable when riding in the car, but I didn’t experience any of that. Oh wanna see another cool feature?

Look at that! The magazine release is boned into the holster. I don’t know if other makers do that, but its a neat feature and the first I’ve seen it.

One closing remark is a request from Dennis. He’s making this holster as a high-value item, and wanted me to discuss that. I’ve been thinking of how I’d address that point ever since it was mentioned, and I’ve decided I’ll spin it around a little bit. I can’t really talk too much on holster values, as I don’t have the proverbial box of holsters (I have seen several friend’s similar boxes) I have happened to be VERY lucky with the holsters I have, and given that I carry 1911s and S&W J-frame revolvers I’ve also received several hand-me-down holsters (almost all of them junk).

Still here’s what I like about Dragon Leatherworks: Custom Holsters. Have a look at the Talon order page.

This is a holster Dennis designed for the 1911, but he’s willing to make it for other guns, and he has different patterns, colors, skin and trim options. Many of the big holster makers will give you your choice of gun models, and then you pick black or tan, and that’s it. With the Talon you can order yours in Green, with a Yaqui-style Belt-tunnel, and a Stingray skin inlay. How cool is that?

And on top of all those style points you know that the holsters are first designed as robust functional holsters first, then Dennis looks for ways to make them pretty and stylish.

And all of this for a price that doesn’t break the bank. That’s why I endorse Dragon Leatherworks holsters, and why I fully plan to order my next holster from him.

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4 Responses to Dragon Leatherworks Talon

  1. Will Brown says:

    I wrote Dennis on a Saturday about a possible holster for the 625-10 – before I actually shot it, you understand. ๐Ÿ™‚ His reply the next day (Sunday) was a disappointment in that he clearly explained why what I wanted wasn’t economicly realistic quite impressed me. So much so that I’m giving serious thought to getting a fancy-dress holster from him.

    Good review Weer’d, thanks.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I would recommend his dress holsters without hesitation, as they are both rugged AND functional. Also as Dragon Leatherworks grows I can only imagine more models will be offered.

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