Quote of the Day: Gun Control Failure

First one is from an exit interview with Paul Helmke:

Q: What was your biggest accomplishment?

A: I think we elevated the attention that the issue has been getting. My view was it was tough getting through to elected officials on Capitol Hill, so I wanted to get in the media as much as I could.

Congress, after Virginia Tech, did pass legislation that encouraged states to get more records in the background checks system. Some folks say it’s not that big of a deal, the NRA supported it. But it’s legislation that hadn’t gone anywhere until after Virginia Tech and until after we started working to push the legislation.

So a squishy provably false statement about getting his message out to an increasing disinterest in the political theater. Note that the Brady Campaign pushed hard to get Obama elected and then gave him a failing grade because he refused to even acknowledge their existence.

Second part he claims his biggest physical victory was a bill being pushed by the NRA. You know, the same NRA that they blame for crushing all their other bills they present. Can’t have it both ways. Either the NRA is a Juggernaut (and therefor its their support that allowed the NICS Improvement act to pass) or they’re a paper tiger, and the Brady campaign has no other accomplishments because their laws are stupid.

The other is from Brady Board member, but she also works for the Joyce Foundation, Joan Peterson.

One needs only to look at the salaries of the NRA President and executives to know where the money is. It is not with the Brady Campaign, unfortunately. Very few people are paid on the gun control side to do what they do unfortunately. There is a lot of support for my side of this issue as poll after poll after poll show. But you guys have a lot of passion and hide behind the Second Amendment right to scare politicians many of whom have not figured out that they can speak up for common sense and still win elections.

Well see again the Brady Campaign “F” rating for President Obama. It doesn’t matter WHAT your political affiliation is we ALL lost the 2008 Election. Still yeah the NRA directors make a lot more money than the Brady or Joyce equivalents do…that’s simply because there is No money coming into the Brady Campaign (The Joyce Foundation Astroturf either).

Now here’s the fun part. You REALLY want to compare the two groups, look at the UNPAID supporters of both sides of the 2nd Amendment issues. Hint, you’re reading a gun blog, and I’m probably not the only one you read. Also note that while its pretty obvious that the Brady Campaign, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the various Joyce Foundation shell groups are deeply interconnected, we actually have infighting on what 2nd Amendment activists groups are best. Hell just read Sebastian’s blog, he and Bitter put in a lot of good work for the NRA, and many on our side call them out on that as if its a bad thing.

I’m a live-and-let-live, and the only group I really take issue with is GOA, and that’s only because I see the group a NOT live-and-let-live.

If there is truly a lot of support for the gun control side they truly are a “silent majority” in that they don’t speak out, or stand up for the cause, nor do they donate money, time, or even vote.

But you keep telling yourself that everything is going to be alright, doesn’t make a difference to me!

**UPDATE** LC Scotty Mentions Forums. I’d forgotten about all the gun forums out there. Their membership is HUGE, and they are VERY active. A Single Weekend Car Shoot from Northeast Shooters is bigger than the largest anti-rights protest or meeting.

Hard to call her anything but a liar when it comes to claims for support of the Brady Campaign, Joyce, and other haters of freedom.

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  1. LC Scotty says:

    “There is a lot of support for my side of this issue as poll after poll after poll show.”

    Where’s your ARFcom, Japete? Where’s your THR? Where’s your Calguns? Where’s your smaller state level forums like NYFirearms? You can get folks to agree with you in heavily skewed, poorly worded push polls, but if the questions are asked honestly, you guys lose. Your Facebook pages have about a dozen or two folks that comment regularly. Huffpo gun control articles, where “Reasoned Discourse” ™ doesn’t generally occur has you outnumbered well over 10 to 1.

    Keep whistling, Joan, you’re almost past the graveyard…

  2. alcade says:

    Based upon some of the pictures I’ve seen of Brady protests, I think I’ve often had more people shooting in my backyard… out here in the sticks… with the nearest town having a population of 250… and I don’t know that many people…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      The protest from this year’s NRA Convention actually wasn’t pathetic. About 250 people protesting a convention of 70,000

      Smaller pro-rights gathering often garners closer to a 10-1 ratio of Pro vs Anti.

  3. Bubblehead Les says:

    Heck, they were up to 250? I didn’t notice, because I was recovering from the Tilt’n Kilt Party the night before. But I think we probably had more People stuck in traffic just trying to move around the Convention Center than they could muster for their Protests!

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