Quote of the Day: Jack

Jack Smacks it out of the park with this reaction to Baldr’s childish little play.

Once again we see that the Anti’s dream world is the school. A place of total top down order and control where no mater who started a fight both parties are equally punished, where anything can be banned, and most importantly where there are two classes of people: the teachers and the children.

That they don’t see people as adult citizens but instead as children that *need* the guiding hand and wise judgment of the Mrs. Cali’s of the world.

Really the modern Public school represents an ideal “Progressive” Totalitarian Dictatorship. No judgement, the teachers aren’t held accountable for their actions or how skilled they are at their job. Propaganda like “An Inconvenient Truth” can be shown even tho it turns out the whole film was a lie, and the students have NO rights and are subject to zero tolerance rules.

Really, Baldr accidentally wrote an AMAZING post on how those who hate Freedom see the world.

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  1. Jack says:

    There’s even more.

    Say you want to go from a “strong gum control” class to a “weak gum control” class?
    You can’t! Not without the administration’s permission.

    Also students don’t elect teachers, administration, or have any say in school spending or policy. The only representative “government” they have are powerless student councils and a figurehead of a Class President.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah I never understood “Class President” and the student council. They never DID anything, I never wanted to Join because it was one more thing to suck away free time for no gain. It was really like being Prom King and Queen, without any of the “Cool” factor.

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