More “Progressive” Stupidity

I found this while trolling the “Progressive” back channels.

Tell President Obama All Women Need Affordable Birth Control

Interesting, but how do they define “Affordable”?

Over the summer, we secured a big victory when we helped get all forms of FDA-approved contraceptives covered and without a co-pay. However, we were dismayed that the administration allowed some employers to deny this coverage to their employees. Now, some opponents of contraception are pressuring President Obama to deny this critical benefit to more than a million more women.

Ahh the great “Progressive” Hammer and Sickle! “Affordable” means “Free” and paid for by non-“Progressives”. Brings this story to mind.

The wife and I have wanted to start a family for a while now, but due to the several years of work leading up to her brain surgery if she had gotten pregnant there would have been severe health risks for Mom and Baby.

Not to get too much TMI but to keep from getting pregnant we didn’t give up sex, also we didn’t use any fancy-pants racist rich white people contraception. Condoms work best for us, and we buy our own, they don’t break the bank at all. Even if the Mrs. and I were to frisk-it-up2-3Xs as much as we do now it still wouldn’t break the bank…especially when this group group is talking about EMPLOYED women. Seriously, even if you work minimum wage you can take some steps to squirrel away enough for a box of rubbers.

Also I remember in High School the local Abortion Mill came by to tell us the joys of murdering the unborn. And when the rep showed up she had a basket full of condoms, free for the taking. I knew sexually active teens who swing by Planned Parenthood to get free condoms because it was easier or less embarrassing. I can’t remember if out High School made free condoms available for students when I was in school…I’m sure they do now. I do know the clinic on my College Campus had a box of condoms, as did the desk by the mailboxes in all the dorms.

All of that and we have the above brood-mother of welfare-slaves. She wants the government to help her because she is a perpetual child of the state, and her bastards will be taught the same thing.

Odd that the wife and I seem to manage to knock boots without producing a litter future-Democrat-Voters, but this woman seems to just keep dropping pups to society’s detriment.

How about this: GROW THE FUCK UP “PROGRESSIVES”! The world doesn’t have a safety net, and you really should think about acting your age!

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  1. 45er says:

    It’s really sad that responsible people like my wife and I have to worry about financial issues in having another kid when people like this just crank them out and expect everyone else to pay for them. It makes it more infuriating to know that not only am I paying for people like this to have kids, but I can’t have the family I want because of the amount of taxes we pay.

  2. alcade says:

    “Not tonight, honey; I have a headache.”

    That one doesn’t cost a dime!

    I’d also like to point out that if these progressives want to continue their welfare nanny states into old age, they need to start cranking out as many productive workers as possible to foot the bill.

    Two point one kids doesn’t cut it when you plan to retire at 63 and live the next twenty years on the public dole.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah, except how many of those kids do you think will have an on-the-books job?

      I’ll bet my lunch money that most of them will drop out get on welfare and supplement their incomes from a life of crime.

      Mom will ENCOURAGE it!

  3. MiniMedic says:

    Hehehehe. You said “brood mother” and that reminds me of Starcraft, which reminds me of my frequent comparisons of the Democratic party to the Zerg…

    This sickens me. My husband and I are employed, yet we still don’t want children at this point in my life, so I take medication to prevent conception. (Paid for by United States taxpayers, as my husband is active-duty military, but still…) We’re pretty well off, but still…

    • Jake says:

      Paid for by United States taxpayers, as my husband is active-duty military, but still…

      It may be paid for by taxpayers, but in your case it’s done in the role of a legitimate employer – just like if he worked for 3M and it was covered under their employee health plan.

      That is something no one with any sense should have a problem with.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        +1 Don’t you dare feel guilty about the benefits you and your husband receive. For his sacrifice and bravery, and your sacrifice of supporting him shows you aren’t compensated enough!

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