Remember: Anti-Freedom, not Anti-gun

I’ve talked about it before, people who ban guns focus on guns because they see them as a target of opportunity, but as soon as they feel they’ve made significant inroads in banning guns they will move on to banning other things. This HAS happened in the UK, and of course extends outside of things that can be used as weapons, see trans fats, salts, and happy meal toys.

I present exhibit A

Two [Boston] city councilors will propose an ordinance today that would require businesses in Boston to be licensed before they can sell knives, which officials said minors can easily buy at retailers across the city…Under city rules, knives with a blade 2 inches or longer cannot be sold to anyone under 18. But a Boston police sting operation this past week found stores violating that rule, Ross said….“Guns are heavily regulated; knives – there’s virtually no regulation,’’ he said.

I don’t think there are many “Fudd” type gun owners left, and certainly most of the “I’m a gun owner, but…” types are either not gun owners, or are working directly for the gun banners.

Still if any of you guys are out there, remember these anti-freedom creeps will not retire after they get the bans they seek, they will seek to ban ANYTHING else they don’t like or personally own. That includes your duck and deer guns, and it includes your pocket knife, or your french fries.

Guns are just ONE freedom they don’t like.

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  1. We all got a big laugh out of the anti-stabby stabby knife that came out in the UK a while back. It’s not so funny now.

    Oh, and the anti-BBQ grill ordinances in some parts of California to “save the environment”. I don’t live there (anymore) but I dread the day that that piece of ignorant bullshit catches on and starts to spread.


    • Weerd Beard says:

      I believe the Dutch were using a helicopter to police grill ordinance in the name of the Devil CO2. Not a HINT of Irony in that bullshit!

      Also I watched the Daniel Pearl murder video. Seems an anti-stab knife would have worked just fine a lopping off a head.

      You also don’t use a tip to slit a throat or give a Glasgow Smile. Retards!

  2. Linoge says:

    There are a whole collection of very good reasons why I refer to “anti-rights cultists” as such, but the primary ones are that the whole “gun” debate is, as you say, simply the tip of their authoritarian iceberg, and because their worship of governmental control and power (dictated by their desires, of course) verges on the kind of scary, kool-aid drinking crap that has killed so many hundreds of thousands of people in the past, there is no other word for it.

    … And the way they whine about the label only tells me how close to the mark it really is :).

    • Braden Lynch says:


      Your assessment is perfect. The louder they SQUEAL, the more accurate the label. In our case, we can back them up with historical facts and/or definitions from the dictionary, as opposed to their current approach of using the terms of “racist” or “terrorist” for anyone who does not share their warped views.

  3. Jack says:

    Also from the UK are these two examples:

    James Rummel looks at one Brit’s dream for further dog bans and dog registration.

    And Unc has the UK Olympics taking the “think of the children” to the extent where they can’t even watch the shooting events.


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