Sad Troll Is Sad!

LOL I’m getting a wicked Kick out of noted Troll and Joyce Stooge Baldr Odinson (And really dude, got no issue with the name, just curious if its a given name, an assumed name, or a Nom-de-Plume. Just to be fair “Weird Beard” was a college nickname from a group of friends who noted I had a strange sense of humor…and a beard. I thought a unique spelling made it more interesting…later when I took the name online as a screen name it really helps with Google searches et al, so it was a good idea) getting all passive-aggressive, and openly lying.

What’s typical of antis and “Progressives” in general is they call somebody a “Bully” for taking them to the woodshed, and they burn a lot of calories doing it, but don’t actually spend any time REFUTING any of the so-called bullying. Sorry calling somebody a “Liar” and then showing evidence of the truth isn’t bullying, its calling a spade a spade. But “Progressives” think that just by repeating something enough times it becomes truth.

He does make a minor attempt to refute my argument that the Joyce “Ask Campaign” is more than a little myopic, and that he tactics in pro-gun sites is trolling. Of course unlike some bloggers, he is nice enough to link his sources that openly expose his lies. Money Quote:

When I finally got around to his site a couple days later, he had posted about me, making fun of my name, suggesting I was fat, belittling my family’s training in kung fu (which I had commented on at another site), and labeled me a “troll” because I hadn’t gotten back to him, then saying he’d barred me from commenting (even though he’s the one who’s trolling around at all hours). Well, all I can say is that there’s a name for someone who tries to intimidate people, calls them names, makes fun of their names and weight, and makes arrogant and belittling remarks: BULLY.

But he links my post where I point out that I waited for him to actually respond to my email, and posted his response. Furthermore gave several examples of other blogs where he trolled.

Also gotta love a fat guy who’s pissed that I pointed out that his weight and fitness was going to be a real problem when he broke-out the kung-fu. And its not that great an option when fit people do it, especially if their attacker is armed with something as meager as a knife. I should know I’ve got about 30lbs I could stand to lose (I’ll be happy with 20) and I’m hardly in fantastic shape. But that isn’t how he framed it, but he sure did link me so all who want can see. Of course who’s more blind than those who refuse to see?

Also I’m deeply amused that Baldr, who works for Ceasefire OREGON seems to be unaware that its not the same time in Massachusetts as it is on the West coast.

OK so I’m really just having fun with this guy and his stupidity (again not calling names, what else do you call somebody who cites something that directly refutes them? Maybe “Delusional”, but I thought I’d be fair), which reminds me of the days when I used to toy with trolls. But this doesn’t violate my rules. This “Baldr Odinson” is a Joyce Representative, and an active member in a Joyce AstroTurf group.

…And he seems baffled by time zones. This is the best the Joyce Foundation can scrape up these days.

Oh and lastly those racist Negro=Monkey jokes? I leave those for the “Progressives” in Europe.

Thanks for the laugh Baldr, and post pictures of your next arts-and-crafts poster-board!

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  1. I have an idea why Baldr likes Kung Fu. I think it’s because you must register your hands as deadly weapons. It fits right into the thought that by registering firearms with law enforcement, we’re all somehow safer. Of course, registration leads to confiscation.

    • Weerd Beard says:


      FYI I have never ACTUALLY heard of any such registration outside of Dojos and internet forums. (And generally they are the Dojos in strip malls where the Master has a massive gut and a ponytail)

      Legally speaking having skills or accolades in the martial arts world can be used to elevate, say an assault to an attempted murder, or assault with a deadly weapon in a court of law, and can be used to justify the use of deadly force (like say Fat Baldr was to take a swing at fat-and-armed me, there could be an argument that I could shoot him as he was now attacking me with a “deadly weapon” because of his kung-fu.

      Not that I think a Coward like Baldr would do anything so bold.

  2. Blue says:

    You have to admit, Baldr is entertaining. 🙂

  3. Cubby says:

    I’ve seen a photo of this Baldr guy.

    I was shocked when he mentioned his wife and child.

    I just figured that the guy was still a virgin……..

  4. Bob S. says:

    Apparently, among his other problems, Baldr has a problem distinguishing between a suggestion (Hey Bud, do you really need another donut? Why don’t you put it down) and an observations (Hmm, looking at a picture of said person; I note he is overweight).

    I also wonder if he does not realize that Hillary Clinton was a Lawyer and moved into the White House.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I think its a good deal deeper than that, Bob. Now first let’s take it as a given that Baldr is an idiot, he doesn’t understand timezones, he only accepts the “reality” filtered through his Joyce Foundation Masters, and he references the truth when telling lies.

      Still there is one thing the hardcore anti-freedom people value more than anything else: Victimhood. One of the more extreme examples is “Victim of Gun Violence” Joan Peterson. Joan states that because her sister was shot, while she was in another state, and I’d say there is pretty good evidence that Joan didn’t much care for her sister given that she not only allowed her to marry and stay with a man who had a long rap sheet and reputation of being violent, abusive, and dangerously irrational, not to mention tied up in some fairly serious criminal practices, but also allow her to personally serve papers to the man despite having previously filed a restraining order against him. Had she never heard of constables, lawyers, and certified mail?

      But she’s a victim, and we can’t question her, and we’re jerks if we don’t give her any spare pity we have.

      On a broader scale look at how they preach helplessness. Look at Colin Goddard’s straight face when he says without a hint of irony that he was glad he was unarmed when he was shot.

      Look at the lack of outrage for the Norwegians who simply ran and hid, despite their overwhelming force as they were shot down by a crazed man, and the police were hours away.

      Look at how little time is focused on the people who were with Gabriel Giffords who did the right thing, and even unarmed charged and restrained the assassin.

      Being a victim is the BEST thing for them. It means people feel sorry for you, and you don’t have to do a thing. Also anything bad in your life you can blame on any boogieman you feel fit.

      There are uneducated unemployed black men out there right now who are doing nothing for themselves, but its all the “White Man’s Fault”

      contrary there are white people who are blaming Hispanics and blacks for taking all the jobs they aren’t making any effort to apply for.

      “Progressives” blame whatever passes for a Conservative these days for whatever ills in their life.

      There are a ton of jokes about President Obama blaming the Earthquake on George Bush.

      Works great in their mind: “What can I do? Bush screwed everything up!”

      And like-minded self-imposed victims nod in agreement and just sit around watching things get worse.

      When somebody actually BETTERS themselves they see it as a major threat. I’ve seen black men going to night school to attempt to better themselves and improve their future called “Whitey” and “Oreo” by people who will never amount to anything, and are content to stay there.

      Nope, Baldr took a statement that I made every attempt to make things clear (seriously, look at my gut, I’m the last man to cast a stone!) as a non-insult, as a school-yard insult.

      Why? Because he WANTED it to be that way. He WANTS us to be bullies.

  5. Linoge says:

    What a childish whiner.

    First off, I just love that he is all over whining about us supposedly calling him names and insulting him and making comments about his weight and whatever the hell else, but when it comes to his buddy gun-grabbers doing the exact same thing to rights supporters, he is deathly silent.

    Double standards, Baldr? Are you that duplicitous? Actually, from your handling of your “poll”, we know you are.

    Moving on, if his level of physical fitness is in any way indicative of the average level of his family, he and they will be up gos-se creek if all they are relying on is kung-fu training to get them out of a situation where a larger, stronger, faster individual(s) wants to victimize them. I have about four years of tae kwon do training under my belt (got just shy of black belt), and just picked up kung-fu myself, and while they are useful and can help, there is a reason you do not see cops / security guards / bodyguards relying exclusively on hand-to-hand combat. It is part of a tiered defense scheme, but it sure as hell is not even close to the long pole in the tent.

    In other news, goddamn kung-fu beats the crap out of your legs!

    Next, mayhap if you actually engaged in conversation, rather than simply dropping your bullcrap links all over other people’s weblogs, we would not be so quick to appropriately and accurately label you a “troll”, Baldr. When it comes to being an official, self-appointed representative of an organization… well, Ceasefire Oregon should bloody well ask for their money back from you!

    Finally, you are absolutely right, Weer’d – he did not disprove anything you said, or even argue the points. Instead, he simply whined about how mean you were that you said those things. Christ, this guy could fill in as a background Looter in Atlas Shrugged, and no one would notice the substitution! “Pay attention to my feelings! You owe me because I think you do! Despite all logic and reason to the contrary, you have to kowtow to my wishes or you are just a BULLY!”

    We should be so lucky that Baldr represents the best the anti-rights cultists can field…

  6. 45er says:

    He probably does feel bullied. After reading this, I went over just to see the kind of traffic he has. After blogging in the gun culture for a while, I was pretty surprised to see that it looks like just him and a few buds commenting and everyone else is there (from around here) to refute the BS he’s slinging. I’d feel pretty beat up on myself if I was so outnumbered. So, I left him a little comment pointing out how lonely he’d be without you, Weer’d. I think he needs to examine his relationship with you. If he pushes you away, who will talk to him?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Outnumbered is an understatement. Seems that the only people who aren’t tied to the Joyce Foundation that comment on anti-rights blogs are the ones that are tied to MikeB and Jadegold, which is a pretty serious statement about THEIR mental condition.

      There is NO grassroots support for gun control. None at all.

      • 45er says:

        No kidding. This is the first real time I’ve spent on one of those and the blog roll is pathetic. Also, the frequency of their posts is atrocious.

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  9. Linoge says:

    Unsurprisingly, Baldr lacks the spine to allow the following comment through:

    I am curious, Baldr: does the term “bully” also apply to your fellow “gun control” supporters (aka “anti-rights cultists” – thank you so much for helping spread that term!) who go out of their way to “intimidate people, calls them names, makes fun of their names and weight, and makes arrogant and belittling remarks”, as you and I both know they do (and please do not lie to cover for them)?

    Or are you going to stick to the one thing you are good at – maintaining and adhering to double standards?

    Guy Cabot has single-handedly checked all the boxes on Baldr’s cute little list, with Michael Bannerman right behind him (with the added bonus of trying to get the cops to bully you into silence), DogGone right behind that, and Michael Bonomo bringing up the rear… and yet Baldr remains silent on all of their bullying.

    I wonder why that is?

  10. Armand K says:

    “Baldr Odinson” is the dress-up-and-play-superhero sock-puppet of Jxxxx Axxxxx Kxxxxxx of Junction City, Oregon.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Thanks Armand. I got all of JAK’s information, but I’m not CSGV nor Baldr Odinson who thinks its ok to publish people’s personal information without there permission.

      I edited your above comment just to mask out his name. I don’t like him much either, but we need to be civil here. I’ll delete future comments of this nature just because its not my policy. Feel free to send me emails at weerdbeard gmail com if you want to discuss private information. Otherwise have fun and comment away.

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