Reminder PSA

Just a reminder April First is right around the corner so let’s remember Chris’s Boycott idea

Here’s how I’m going to do it. There are a small handful of anti-gun blogs, like Joan Peterson’s rathole, or Balder’s place, or Mike Bonomo’s troll-hole. There are also sites that give lip service to anti-gun causes like the Huffington post. There are also sites that claim to be pro-gun, but really aren’t like The Truth About Guns. Lastly there are a few left-wing sites that I read for opposition research. I’m going to not visit any of those sites from April First, until the following weekend at the earliest the 9th. For some of these sites like the real-deal anti-gunners, if done properly this should have their sites go completely dark. Now I don’t comment on any of those sites, its a waste of breath if you ask me. But if you DO, I ask you not to comment on ANY of the posts made during the blackout. People like Joan and Balder post only a couple of times a week, so there won’t be much that won’t get countered. But that will show as a permanent record how dead their blog was for that week.

I see this as nothing but good. Show them our power, and show how alone they are.

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  1. McThag says:

    I’ll admit, I am slow on the uptake.

    You’ve mentioned Truth About Guns being anti. Can you give me an example? Every time you’ve brought it up I’ve gone there to see what you’re talking about and I haven’t seen it.

  2. USCitizen says:

    Huh. I’ve managed to never visit all of the above. Ever.

    How am I doing?

  3. Pyrotek85 says:

    Should be easy for me, only one I visited was Joan’s and her material has gotten stale lately.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      It really has, tho I did get a new quote up from her….its not as easy to harvest as it once was.

      She’s gotten to the last page of her play book, and she’s simply flipped it back to page 1.

  4. mike w. says:

    Ok, I’d never bothered with Fagaro’s blog before and now I won’t in the future. Good lord!

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  7. Braden Lynch says:

    Make ’em go dark…turn off the lights…make it so nobody’s home.

    • Braden Lynch says:

      I launched a parting shot comment and now I will go silent until April 9th.

      I’ll miss raising my blood pressure that happens when I see her responses.

      She even got me to contribute to the NRA-ILA and renew for 2 years more.

      • Braden Lynch says:

        I have completed my Common Gunsense withdrawal cycle and I think that I might never go back to her site. She is impervious to logic, reason, facts, data, and common sense…so why bother.

        • Weerd Beard says:

          I’m hooked. I’m doing OK, but still have the urge to check.

          I tried to Quit Mike Bonomo’s blog a few times but found its still worth a scan a couple of times a week.

          Joan has been a total goldmine, thanks to her vetted credentials.

  8. alcade says:

    I’d nearly forgotten about the boycott; I hope everyone has gotten the word.

    Dunno why I comment… maybe it’s like a cat who keeps letting the mouse go only to be pounced on again. Gotta get your jollies somehow, I suppose.

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