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One silly human trait I’m prone to is tribalism. Thankfully I could give a shit about sports so I just root against the various local teams only because I hate hearing people babble about them. I did get upset when Barack Obama was elected, even tho the guy he was running against was John McCain. I did cheer when George W. Bush won re-election over John Forbes Kerry. I don’t like any of these people, but somehow I feel the need to be involved. Overall I attempt to stand up for what I believe in a non-partisan fashion, but there is that hint of tribalism in me.

I drive a Ford, its my second Ford, and my family also happens to drive Fords. We do this only because we’ve had damn good luck with Fords in both price and reliability. That’s logical. I HATE Chevies and GMs. That’s tribalism. Well Until the government bought General Motors. Ha Ha, my childish tribalism was RIGHT!!! (In a point against me, I also feel Toyota and Hondas are overpriced for what they are, and I was deeply amused by the Fraud-Laced Toyota “Sticky Gas Pedal” nonsense)

Now I love 1911s. If you enjoy this blog, you are enjoying because of a Colt M1911A1, as that was the gun that got me interested in guns. Because of my attraction to this platform I’ve shot more rounds through 1911 patterns than any other gun. Because of that a 1911 is my nightstand gun, as well as my daily carry gun. Like some cosmic force, my love for 1911s also seemed to channel a hatred of Glocks. They were everything the 1911 was not. They were wide while the 1911 was thin, they were compact, while the 1911 is large, they didn’t have manual safeties, while the 1911 has TWO! and they’re made of PLASTIC.

Stupid tribalism. I actually now really like polymer framed guns…tho I don’t yet own one, mostly because of Massachusetts stupid gun laws. I also prefer guns with no manual safeties (ironic since I carry and use 1911s) I also discovered Glocks aren’t particularly bad guns. I still don’t like them. Goofy Grip angle, unsupported chamber, mushy trigger, 2×4 ergonomics, and just generally ugly guns.

Now I really dig on S&W M&Ps, and the Kahr Polymer guns, because they seem like what would happen if somebody took the best of the M1911, and the Glock and combined them.

I will say my tribalism really kicked into high-gear when I read this. Seem the 4th Gen Glocks have some issues (been reading about them extensively since the Gen fours hit the racks). So I can still stand behind gen 1-3, but the fours seem to suck.

The M&P is still the gun I generally recommend to people looking for a rock-solid, affordable, and versatile gun. There are logical reasons for this.

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  1. JD says:

    Gotta say I love my M&P full size 9mm. good at the range and a nice carry gun. I love the fact they give you different grips to size it to you right in the box. = )

  2. Pat says:

    I’ve only shot my cousin’s M&P once. Handled well but I do not like the mag disconnect. Disconnect malfunctioned while shooting. Mag in Trigger pulled no bang. Cleared, Loaded different mag same problem. He tried to diagnose it and never could do it. It did it to me and father in-law. He was going to use it for CHL class. Take down was also more complex than I thought it should be having to use the tool to flip wire levers inside the action. I may have a different opinion if my first experience hadn’t been a bad one. I’ll stick to my 1911’s and XD’s.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      FYI the Mag Disconnect as well as the thumb safety on the M&P line are simply options (and deal breakers IMHO) From what I’ve read the Disconnect is easily removed by a competent gunsmith, and of course nothing is stopping you from ordering yours without those pointless failure points.

      I’m against Magazine Disconnects 100% of the time, and overall I see them as “Safety Features” that serve one purpose, to get people hurt or killed, either by having the gun brick when you need it most, or my fostering bad gun handling. (ie: a gun is “safe” when the mag is removed but a round is in the chamber, but might discharge when an EMPTY magazine is inserted)
      extraneous safeties can also do the same, still given that the M&P thumb safety can be worked the same way as a 1911 safety can it can add comfort to those already familiar with the platform, also I find that applying downward pressure with my thumb on a 1911 safety can counteract muzzle rise and speed up my follow-up shots and allow me to easier track my front-site when shooting a string, so there’s that. Also the safety can be engaged on the M&P when clearing the weapon which does add some safety, but nothing that can’t be solved by good gun handling.

      So mag disconnects are crap and should only remain in guns that are owned for historical significance (like my 1917 Colt 1908 .25, which I will never carry or shoot for self-defense) but if you really want a thumb safety on a DAO striker-fired gun, be my guest.

  3. One silly human trait I’m prone to is tribalism.

    Most of us are, whether we want to admit it or not — but that isn’t always a bad thing. Did you ever read “Tribes,” the essay Bill Whittle wrote after Hurricane Katrina?

  4. Wally says:

    I loved my 1911, and still do. It is one of the finest doorstops made, especially since now I can pack my lunch in my tupperware pistols.

    I grew up with 1911s, but despised the grip safety. Glock does it right by doing it simple. One bogger hook safety, located right on the bang switch. There are plenty of pros and cons between the two platforms, no reason to disparage your decision.

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