“Coat Tax”

Sebastian tipped me off to this op-ed that refers to concealed carry permits as a “Coat Tax”. I really like this term. In my home-state of Maine its 100% legal to open carry. No permits needed, no permission slips. You just need to legally posses the gun you carry, and follow all other existing laws. Now that’s VERY kickass in June when the weather is warm. Strap your 1911 on your belt (prefferrably in a Snazzy Dragon leatherworks holster) and go about your day. But what about February when its 15 below and Portland Harbor is filled with sea ice? I’m fucking bundled up! Even a larger holster is going to be concealed by my LL Bean Parka. So to carry in Maine in the cold you need a mandatory safety class, fill out your permission slip, and pay your fee. There really isn’t an option above that because I’m not going to walk around outside in Maine in the winter in the same clothes I wear in June. This is even worse in Wisconsin where Open carry is the only legal means of carry, and it gets even colder in those parts! So in Wisconsin your right to keep AND BEAR arms is seasonal. In many other states its free during the warm months, and taxed when you want to wear a coat.

I can also turn to Florida and Texas where it gets as hot as Satan’s Ass-crack in the summer. Even a light vest or a light cotton shirt, can add insulating bulk to what is already uncomfortable weather. And in Florida and Texas you gun MUST be concealed when carried, moreover at least Texas (I need to re-read the Florida Statutes as I’ll be carrying down there soon) even PRINTING can be an offense.

This is why we need to support Open Carry as well as the larger umbrella of concealed carry. Remember I’m not paying a permit fee to write this blog, nor to talk to people on the street. Your Priest, Rabbi, or Imam doesn’t have his clergy permit. I don’t need to show a permit before I can ask an officer for probable cause to search me. Etc Etc.

These laws are illegal.

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  1. “prefferrably in a Snazzy Dragon leatherworks holster”

    Product placement aside, if you’re going to open carry, do it in something with actual retention features.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I disagree, my holsters from Dragon Leatherworks are very snug, and demand a draw in the direction of the holster can’t.

      This is just as much retention as a traditional thumb break. Grabbing a gun from my holster against my will is going to be quite the task.

      Also even with all the cheezy nylon holsters out there, and the increased popularity of OC, the myth of a badguy grabbing an OC gun strikes me as yet another anti-gun myth.

  2. Bob S. says:

    Love the idea of ‘coat tax’.

    Might have to change it to something appropriate for the south – maybe a ‘sweat tax’. Not only to I have to pay to exercise a right, I have to pay to sweat.

    Fort Worth experienced 18 straight days over 100 days last summer. And when the streak broke, the temperature fell to a balmy 96 degrees. And that isn’t even the record number of consecutive days — 42!

    Yeah….Texas law is a little vague

    (3) “Concealed handgun” means a handgun, the presence of which is not openly discernible to the ordinary observation of a reasonable person.

    Everyone errs on the side of caution which means thick cover garments, lots of sweat and potential health hazards.

  3. McThag says:

    Last I looked printing is legal in FL. Directly exposing the gun is not.

  4. Linoge says:

    Not only illegal, they are also irrational – openly carrying a firearm changes effectively nothing. I am still legally armed in both open and concealed circumstances… the only difference is whether or not onlookers are aware of it.

    And, really, who wants to live in ignorance?

  5. lissa says:

    Oh crap, printing’s illegal? I certainly try to avoid it, but I admit depending on not being eyeballed for it …

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