The Failed Hunt For Opposition

A a little while back I posted this video where just some random pizza boy was quoted in a pro-gun news story just to give the story an appearance of “Balance”. Watch this piece all the way through.

They picked some random beta male for the word of opposition. And it wasn’t necessarily the word of opposition just that he wouldn’t buy a gun for a Christmas gift. Maybe that too personal and you just want to HELP somebody buy a gun on their own. I own a few guns that I bought thanks to a Christmas or birthday check, cash, or gift certificate.

Tho I’ve also given guns as gifts too…so who knows.

Still its not like they could easily find anybody who was opposed to this, nor were any of the anti-freedom activists easily accessible.

Another sign that hating guns is becoming more and more a thing of the past.

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  1. Whitebread says:

    This is the way it works in journalism. My wife frequently has to find someone who disagrees with the topic at hand just because the paper doesn’t want to be seen as one-sided.

    Of course, this breaks when reality is one-sided, and she’s unable to find anyone who says otherwise.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yep, and I in NO way fault the news agency, or the paper asking Tracie to do the same. an honest paper is OBLIGATED to look for opposition.

      I think its great seeing the growing trend of them having a BITCH of a time finding it.

      Around here it wouldn’t take much effort to find a Limousine Liberal with an impressive-sounding job and sharply dressed who can recite some Brady Camp Boiler-plate. But the Blue Northeast, and the Left coast are some of the last bastions of this crap.

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