Their Sinking Ship, and the Threat To Come

I wanted to expand a bit on my tongue-in-cheek titled post to clarify that indeed I am serious.

A friend sent me this thread from Democratic Underground where a certain anti-gun troll gets berated by the leftists over there.

Of course This isn’t for no-name cellar dwellers, the Huffington post seems to have overwhelming pro-gun support in comments as well.

Of course the anti-gun blogs (all 3 of them), but outside the web also. Robb has a post out about some people attempting to resurrect the corpse if microstamping, which will be met with laughter. Same goes with all the recent attempts at sweeping bans on Assault Weapons or Magazines. Barack Obama is probably the most anti-gun president ever, given the fact that he got his political start in Chicago, and used to work for the Joyce Foundation…but the Joyce Foundation is doing all they can to pretend he ISN’T anti-gun, and certainly no matter how the President feels about guns, he hasn’t dared to make any public statements, and isn’t very forthcoming on private statements made.

The old enemies of the 2nd Amendment are circling the drain…now that doesn’t mean we should ignore them, while they’re still getting funding and politicians, even fringe ones, can publicly speak about gun control without immediate call for their resignation and the ruination of their political career. (Think somebody calling for separate washrooms for different races)

Still let’s look at the larger picture. First I’ll point out we won’t hear shit about gun control for this Presidential race, Calling for tighter restrictions as part of a campaign platform would be career suicide. Still I don’t think we’ll hear much about relaxing onerous, or pointless gun control laws.

Still we have a silent Joyce Board member in the white-house, right now a lot of people are talking about Mitt Romney, who not only authored what later became Obamacare, also made the US Assault Weapon ban permanent in Massachusetts, furthermore he was Governor of Massachusetts and saw NOTHING wrong with our current licensing and restrictions.

We also are getting a lot of press about Rick Perry, and while he is open about how he carries a handgun, and admits to killing a coyote while he’s jogging (and if you carry while Jogging, you likely carry EVERYWHERE), but as Governor of Texas, he’s been against ending campus carry, as well as ending the ban on open carry. Furthermore he’s supported the status quo of the unnecessarily elaborate CCW test in that state.

Also people have been talking about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie entering the race…he’s the Governor of New Jersey…which despite his feelings on Unions and fiscal irresponsibility, Jersey is still a horrible place for those who which to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

So while the main front of the antis are weakening, we still must be wary of people supporting laws that are just as stupid and pointless, as well as infringements on our natural rights.

We need to broaden our scope to push the agenda forward.

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  1. Tam says:

    The problem with the vast majority of politicians, both Dems and GOP, on 2A issues is that these issues are simply not really on their radar. The current front-runners in the GOP race are exemplars of this: They are neither pro-gun nor anti-gun, but rather they are mostly pro-reelection and pro-political-party-power.

    I mean, they’re probably vaguely in favor of hunters shooting ducks and granny being able to keep a .38 in her purse if she takes a training class and dope dealers shouldn’t have machine guns and that’s probably the extent of the thought they’ve put into guns and gun rights.

    Other than that, they’ll vote or veto or sign whatever their handlers and consultants tell them will poll well.

  2. Dennis the librarian shusher says:

    Does anybody know where Herman Cain stands?

    Dennis the librarian shusher

  3. Cormac says:

    One of the comments on Helmke’s “article” just killed me!

    “Henigan is God-like and completely honest. If you were smart, you’d give him your money.”

    I dunno why, but in the middle of all the others, this one just jumped out and slapped me across the face!

  4. Ian Argent says:

    2 cents on Gov. Christie’s 2 Amendment views, observed from close range.

    In the early eighties he supported the NJ AWB – as a law-n-order prosecutor in a heavily anti-gun state running for a legislative seat against a man who regularly introduces a shall-issue bill in the NJ Leg. And lost – his opponent has held that seat since. (Perhaps worth noting that Gov Christie flirted with appointing that same opponent to the NJ Supreme Court – which I would have found amusing as hell).

    Last year he commuted (not pardoned) the sentence of Brian Aitken at the express request of Mr. Aitken’s legal team so that his suit could stay live in the courts. Quietly, but he did it.

    Finally, he really is serious about not running for POTUS this cycle. My guess is 2020 after two complete terms of bare-knuckles political brawling in Trenton gives him a reputation for tough talk and tougher action. Maybe 2016 if President Obama gets a second term, but I sort of think Gov. Christie would like to be the first complete 2-term governor of NJ since Kean. (Florio went one and done, Whitman bailed in her second term for head of EPA, McGreevey ran out of the closet to avoid a cell, and Corzine went one and done). Esp after the hatchet job done on Palin for her “quitting.”

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