Turn it Around

Morgan Freeman Thinks people dislike Obama because we hate blacks, what about this?

“A Billionaire to pay the same taxes as a Jew…JANITOR!”

Gaffe? Maybe. But let’s look at the man. Our President has ZERO love for Israel both with political support and on the political stage.

And then there’s Trinity United Church, an anti-white, anti-Jew Church that the President was a member of for over two decades. Not a fair-weather member either. He was MARRIED in that church, and his children baptized under that roof, by noted black supremacist and Anti-Semite Jeremiah Wright

Gaffe, or Freudian Slip? I don’t know, but unlike the Left, I bring some evidence to the table.

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  1. 45er says:

    His problem is he has “Jew” on the brain lately. Between undercutting Israel at the UN in the most insane ways on one hand and on the other hand trying to keep his base of donors and voters (which I never understand why they vote liberal) I think it’s on his brain 24/7.

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