Want One of These Too!

I was at the shop looking at the S&W 317. I wanted a trainer for my J-Frame .38s that was cheaper, and had less punishing recoil. Also the idea of a little pocket .22 in case I’m in the woods looking to shoot something smaller than a breadbox. Well it turns out, for reasons unknown to me S&W decided to make the 317 with both an aluminum frame, and a titanium cylinder. While this makes the gun scary-light, is also makes the price equally scary. I ended up leaving the shop with a Beretta 21A that served similar purposes, and indulged others.

Still seeing this really excites me. I dig on the Ruger LCR (Jay Does Too!), they trudged into uncharted grounds with the polymer frame and unique design of what is essentially 19th Century technology, and what they came out with was a VERY practical lightweight revolver with a fantastic out-of-the-box trigger (My J-Frames have triggers just as good…but that’s after 1,000+ pulls done by myself), and what comes in at a very competitive price-point.

Surely this item will weigh a bit more than the 317, but It will be at a price I’m willing to pay. Also I suspect Ruger will do all they can to make this gun Mass legal, and I’ll do my best to buy one.

oh video too!

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6 Responses to Want One of These Too!

  1. bluesun says:

    I still want a Single Six, but now I want a single six and a .22 LCR…

    How many .22’s are too many .22’s?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      No such thing, and honestly I’m not a guy in love with .22s I have more guns in 7.62x54R than I do in .22.

      I hate SA revolvers. Dropping the pills in one-at-a-time, and then punching them out one-at-a-time is just SO tedious for me.

  2. bluesun says:

    It just feels so nice in the hand, though. And there’s the “one of everything” aspect for me.

  3. Jay G. says:

    Let’s see. I have two S&W .22LR revolvers (Model 17 and 34). I have two Colt .22LR revolvers (New Frontier and Official Police). I have an H&R Sportsman and a NAA mini-22LR. And yet I’d still love a 4″ barrel 617 like Weerd has, a 317 (although in all aluminum, not the titanium), and an LCR22.

    I lurves me some .22LR wheelguns…

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