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“Gun Death” Beating

This is a Sick one. Parma resident Anthony King, accused of beating his grandparents to death with a pipe wrench early on April 23, was indicted Friday on 11 charges including four counts of aggravated murder. A pipe wrench? Geeze … Continue reading

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Misleading Headline

Headline reads: “More gun violence shakes a worried city”, but read the story: More violence erupted early Sunday: In four drive-by shootings in South Seattle, gunmen fired more than 60 rounds, riddling four houses and several cars with bullets. Miraculously, … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Security Fence

This is a new one. A 12-year-old New York City boy was crushed to death when he got caught in an electronic roll-up gate where he was playing. Police say Yakim McDaniels suffered severe head trauma and was rushed to … Continue reading

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Sure I have some show pieces and some collectors items that I baby. Working guns are stainless, or covered with hard finishes. “Abuse” to them means don’t hit them with hammers or intentionally mar them. But overall if most of … Continue reading

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Remember Today

I don’t have any fancy images or fancy verses. And unlike some more unscrupulous people I’m not going to make political hay of today. Instead I’ll just make sure we all remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Kin

A sad story. A 14-year-old Indianapolis girl was facing a preliminary charge of murder Sunday after allegedly stabbing her four-year-old cousin to death. Police said the teenager, who was not identified, stabbed the boy at his grandparents’ Indianapolis apartment at … Continue reading

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Man, I find this almost hard to believe. A German 16-year-old has become the first person to solve a mathematical problem posed by Sir Isaac Newton more than 300 years ago. Shouryya Ray worked out how to calculate exactly the … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Beating

Who needs a weapon when murder is on the menu? Police say they’ve made three more arrests in connection with the beating death of a U.S. Marine who was found unconscious in an apartment complex parking lot outside Atlanta. Police … Continue reading

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Good Boy!

This comes from Miguel (who it was a real pleasure to talk with last night on the Squirrel Report!) Good Boy! You show that Cloaca who’s boss!!!

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More Brady Blood Dancing

A weeping woman used to keep people from examining the facts. Hey, but the Brady Bunch is politicizing this, so Game on. Let’s look at the shooting. -Trolly Square Mall is a posted Gun-Free Zone, and I believe those signs … Continue reading

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