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Its Another Thursday Night!

I’m feeling a bunch better now, so I will happily be back on THE SQUIRREL REPORT! Go over to check out all the topics (we have tons!) and tune in at 9pm EST and call in to join in on … Continue reading

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Larry Really is OK!

Awesome! For those not in the know Comedian Larry Miller recently took a nasty spill and suffered a head injury and had to put both his podcast and road show on indefinite hiatus. His crew has been keeping his podcast … Continue reading

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Protecting the Rights of the Dispicable

Anybody who is concerned about individual Liberty knows that it isn’t about protecting the rights of the best of us. Nobody wants to take down your youtube videos of kittens, or censor the latest superhero blockbuster. Really the first amendment … Continue reading

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This is VERY comforting: There are a lot of cool things you can do with $1,000, but scientists at an Austin, Texas college have come across one that is often overlooked: for less than a grand, how’d you like to … Continue reading

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Florida Seeking to End Voter Fraud

Good to read this: A judge on Wednesday rejected a request by federal authorities to block Florida’s contentious move to remove potentially ineligible voters from its rolls. The decision could prompt some counties to revive efforts to identify registered voters … Continue reading

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Lunchbreak LOLz

Just discovered this. So pathetically hilarious! Too Funny!

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More on Racism

This trifecta is really great, in a hair-pulling way: Ignoring racism won’t make it go away? Well given that the group saying this is targeting “Whites”, I’d like to point out some past racism that we don’t really recognize anymore. … Continue reading

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Cool Vids

Two Cool Videos. First Jeff got himself a high-def camera, and how better to use it than record muzzle flashes on slo-mo! And Mr. Weebl thinks the same way I do. We buy chicken breasts when they’re on sale and … Continue reading

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Still Not 100%

The Con-Plague turned into a fever last afternoon, and I pretty much just stayed in bed all day. Went to be relatively early, but Mrs. Weer’d woke me up when she thought she heard somebody screaming outside. Turned out to … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” “Gentleman Caller”

I answer the door armed. Generally because I put my gun on in the morning when I get dressed, and don’t take it off until I go to bed. But I’ll make it a point to bring a gun with … Continue reading

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