About That Hand-Egg Guy

So there’s a football guy who killed his Baby-Momma, then capped himself.

On an interesting note he got his college start at my Alma-mater UMaine. Belcher was much younger than me, so he wasn’t a player when I was there, but I’ll note that while I was wandering around on the Football field with a Tuba on my shoulder, the football team was warming up around us. I remember the first time the team hit the field while I was there. These guys are HUGE! I’m not a tiny guy myself, and I’ll note that the Tuba is not an instrument for those small in stature, and the smallest guy on the team dwarfed us. They don’t look that big from the bleachers.

Frankly the gun is really irrelevant when talking about football players. These guys are of a stock where they can kill with nothing more than their bare hands. Still this story has legs because of the gun.

Not because it was a monster of a man with some emotional issues. Not because people who’ve had multiple concussions often have rage issues. Not because steroid use is rampant in the NFL and those drugs often make their abusers dangerous. Not because this guy apparently had problems with the booze and the pills.

Nope, its just the guns, nothing else it relevant.

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  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    I remember thinking the same thing when I attended a semi-pro game for the first time.

    We’re still at this place where people think you can take lots of punches and kicks, probably in no small part because of television. We’re really a lot more fragile than you think, and a big guy like that really can kill someone with one or two blows.

  2. Bob S. says:

    Thousands of other professional football players didn’t kill anyone else or themselves that day.
    Tens of thousands (even those on ‘roids) people who lift weights didn’t kill anyone else or themselves .

    I’m flat out tired of the illegal and immoral actions of others being used to justify restrictions on my rights. If we accept their logic, then we need to keep men and women separate because of the actions of Bill Clinton.

    The show their true colors by focusing on the firearm instead of the domestic violence, the poor conflict resolution skills, etc.

    It is about control, they will just use any excuse to get started. Can you say “Nanny Bloomberg”?

  3. Joe in PNG says:

    Wonder what Bobbie’s reaction would have been if the victim in this case had a gun with her, and had used it to defend herself. Very likely he’d be making her out to be the villain in this case, and the poor foosball dude the victim of the Eeee-vil gun.

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