What if He Hadn’t Used a Gun?

So we talked about the Belcher murders yesterday. What I didn’t bring up was this story. Here’s a story of of a professional wrestler who killed his wife, his son, then himself.

The murders were all by suffocation, with Benoit ending his own life by hanging.

Its suggested that Benoit had early onset dementia from multiple concussions throughout his life, and possibly other mental effects from abuse of illegal steroids. No idea if this has any connection with Belcher, but there have been some very similar cases to this in football as well.

Still the anti-rights people are focusing on this story because they are “Gun Deaths”, yet the issue is likely MUCH more complicated than the simple fact that Jovan Belcher owned guns.

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  1. Jason K says:

    Who was Costas’ former co-anchor….you know, the one with the pretty blonde wife? Would she be alive today if OJ didn’t use a gun?

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