New Shirt Shipped FAST!

I said here I was going to get a new shirt from the very kickass ENDO Mike

It shipped SCARY fast, and here it is.

Love the color, love the nature of the image. I had to explain to the wife that this was the stamp required by federal law to be placed on any “post ban” magazines holding more than 10 rounds. (there’s an image here…BTW Wally and I were talking the other day about how ban-compliant Glock magazines are shimmed to make them a lop-sided single-stack! How fucked-up is that? I know some companies would just put a crimp in the mag body just below where the follower sits on round #10…I know Canadian M-14 mags there’s a protrusion on the follower that bottoms out on the floorplate when the 10th round is seated.)

I got all sorts of “Preachy” shirts like my Gunwalker shirt that I haven’t gotten a chance to wear yet, but will soon, but its nice to have shirts like EDNO makes just so you can send your gunnie political message without scaring the sheep. Also wearing a shirt like this, if you get a smile and a nod, you might notice that person has a bulge at their 4:00 position.

We’re everywhere, and they have no idea..

Mike also sent me an email about a new shirt coming out soon, so stay tuned, his only hint on the design was that “I think you’ll really like it”…that’s a pretty small gamble, Mike. 🙂

So again like the M16 selector shirt this thing is CRAZY soft, and after over a dozen washes it still looks brand new. Also I never remember what size X shirt is, I generally wear L to XL, but with size variations some Large shirts run a bit small on me, and some XL shirts are like tents. This one is the Large and fits PERFECTLY.

Did I mention they’re super soft? Order one today, your nipples will thank you! 🙂

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  1. jimmie says:

    Lol if your nipples are talking to you the there might be something wrong. But still a nice looking shirt. My wife won’t let me wear shirts with things printed on it. The cookie monster one and the magic the gathering shirts killed it for me.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      LOL, if you’re nipples aren’t talking to YOU they’re giving you the cold shoulder out of anger.

      Rub some peanut butter on them and put on some music and see if you can patch things up.

      My wife gave up on me making any effort to make myself presentable. I DO let her pick out nice clothes for me to wear when she’d rather not be ashamed of me looking like a hobo.

  2. You should be wearing your gunwalker T. I’ve found it’s a great conversation starter.

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  4. mike w. says:

    “Did I mention they’re super soft? Order one today, your nipples will thank you!”

    Maybe we can get a lady gunblogger to model one without a bra? 😛 It is wintertime afterall.

  5. chiefjaybob says:

    You should smile when you get your picture taken. You look so gloomy in all the pics you’ve posted.

  6. jimmie says:

    I’m with mike on the lady Blogger idea. I can’t have peanut butter in the bed room. The wife would think I got her a dog.

  7. WallPhone says:

    Well, technically civilian-AWB Glock mags are internally crimped in on both sides, but only have witness holes down the one side.

    All the empty space was filled with the polymer exterior that molds around the metal, so they weighed much heavier than a standard-capacity magazine.

    Don’t mix your AWB Glock followers with the standard ones either–they drag where the standard magazine body narrows near the top, personally caused me some failures to feed when the magazine is nearly empty.

  8. HerrBGone says:

    What do you want to bet that some recently graduated mall ninja’s going to try to confiscate it if you can’t produce a LE or military ID? After all, it says tight there on the shirt…

  9. alcade says:

    “Also wearing a shirt like this, if you get a smile and a nod, you might notice that person has a bulge at their 4:00 position.”

    I’m looking out for the bulge in their twelve, because, hey – free candy!

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