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I’ve said I’ll be voting for Ms. Warren this fall, not because I like her much but because Scott Brown doesn’t deserve that seat, and frankly from a voting standpoint I fail to see how I’d tell the difference between this “Teaparty Conservative” Army Officer who drives a pickup truck, and this Oklahoma-Born Harvard Professor, Limousine Liberal.

Still I was Hesitant to watch the video because when you choose to vote for a Wolf over a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, its ill advised to spend too much time at the zoo petting the wolf, any more than a chess player should dwell on the power of the bishop he placed in harm’s way with intent to expose the opposing queen.

Well I enjoyed the video, it was a softball interview, and Ms. Warren came across as meek, and stupid. If anybody can be beat by a better candidate it’s this fool.

*sigh* why do these assholes make me do such things?

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  1. Lokidude says:

    WEERD, I can give you one good reason to vote Brown.

    He may not deserve the seat, and he may be as liberal as the former occupant, but that R after his name may mean the difference between a Republican majority or more Democrat majority. And that right there matters more than him losing because he sucks.

    • PT says:

      I second this. A republican majority means a chairman’s seat for Grassley, which means subpena power. Right now the democrat majority is putting Leahy in the driver’s seat, and he is more than willing to cover for the administration.

  2. Kristopher says:

    Weer’d: If this nominee bothers you, then maybe you should have been more involved in the local party, and helped pick out a better candidate?

    Do you even know who your local Republican Party precinct person is?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      They wouldn’t field anybody against Brown ever, his election was too much of a landslide for them to rally against him, unless he’s defeated.

      It’s much like the GOP fielding these RINOs on the National scene. After 8 years of George W. Bush, they just assume that’s the flavor we want.

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