Criminals and Guns

I generally stay away from this troll, but I thought this was too good to pass up:

What’s the significance of this comment? You haven’t read this post, have you?

But here’s a personal story which was part of our Great Gun Survey a few months ago. Once upon a time, friends of mine in Los Angeles found themselves under threat. They drove across the desert to Vegas and in a couple hours bought a shotgun and a revolver, went back to LA to face the trouble, which I’m happy to report resulted in nothing. The guy in Vegas who actually bought the guns said he only had to show a driver’s license, and I suppose he knew the laxity of the Nevada laws was such that he didn’t have to worry about what happened after he sold the weapons to my friends for cash….Back in those days I knew two guys who worked in L.A., good friends of mine. They got themselves into some trouble, basically it was a misunderstanding, but their lives were threatened by some connected people. What did they do? They came over to Vegas to get guns, of course. For a couple hundred bucks they picked up an old revolver-type pistol, I guess it could be called a Saturday night special, and a six-shot pump action shotgun, the kind referred to as a riot gun. I don’t remember the details of how legal these transactions were. A couple days later, back in the jungles of L.A., whenever exiting their home or place of business, the one guy would go first with the handgun at his side, finger on the trigger I suppose, and the other guy, the main target, would warily follow holding the loaded shotgun at his side in its cloth case with his finger on the safety button, ready to press it, swing the gun up, feel for the trigger and fire through the carrying case. Somehow, no one got killed or injured. Whatever happened to the weapons, you may ask? The pistol no one remembers what happened, but the shotgun was in the trunk of a car that was stolen in Miami about a year after those guys made it out of L.A. The car was recovered, but of course the shotgun was gone along with the tape deck and spare tire. I wonder what mischief that gun got up to in the subsequent years.

Bob makes a pretty good case that Sparky’s “Friends” were him and his associates, and judging by Mike’s backstory it was likely for the dealing of illegal drugs. Why doesn’t he think a California resident would need a background check when buying guns in Nevada? Easy because he didn’t.

He also didn’t obey the law. But he thinks we all should, and the professional gun banners stand behind criminals like him. They are pro-criminal. Only LAWFUL gun owners are a concern to them.

Hell how do you think I found this comment? Why from Joan Peterson’s sidebar of course:

(Jason Kilgore of Cease Fire Oregon links him too!)

Hey but why should laws apply to them?

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  1. Bob S. says:


    I think you failed to highlight a huge glaring obvious issue here — Sparky is advocating for ‘stricter’ gun laws and demonstrates that he doesn’t know the basics about the current gun laws.

    Demonstrates willful and deliberate ignorance at that. It isn’t like you and I and a dozen other people have failed to tell him the laws. It isn’t like he doesn’t have access to learn about the laws (Those U.N. computers are connected to the internet after all).

    Nope, he deliberately and with malice doesn’t want to learn what the current laws are — while pushing for laws which have never been shown to be effective in reducing crime.

    Makes you wonder if it really is about the guns or the control, eh?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Nah he knows the current laws perfectly in his case. That is if you’re a drug dealer who’s concerned about rival dealers taking aggressive action buy guns illegally and don’t get caught.

      When he looks at LAWFUL gun culture, he sees people who won’t cower to the drug dealers, gang banger, and other lowlifes. These people could easily be justified in shooting HIM for engaging in his past transgressions, so he wants those people disarmed.

  2. Greg Camp says:

    He gets smacked around regularly for making idiotic statements like that. I comment on his blog because I imagine that some readers may be on the fence. Mikemanynumbers himself is beyond hope–just like the organization that employs him.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I doubt there are any fence sitters over there. His numbers are amazingly consistent over the years. I suspect its 90% pro Gunners kicking the criminal troll, and 10% Zealots with nothing in between.

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