Fantasy vs. Reality

I generally don’t link the nobodies, but this is just too amusing not to link. “Nasty Jack” is a friend of the antis, and is frequently quoted by them. But Jack’s an idiot, and a total nobody. His words are meaningless.

Still this post cracked me up, its a fantasy about an anti-rights takeover of the NRA.

But there is another group present that has a different purpose than the NRA’s fanatical gun rights. They are the gun control advocates who came to this firearms fiasco to dump CEO Wayne LaPierre and shut down its absurd advocacy for guns for everyone to take anywhere they want. These are reasonable people, some of which own guns, many who are NRA members, but realize they should only be meant for protection in the home.

These are law abiding citizens who aren’t afraid of background checks, even the registration of their weapons. They are also a part of the budding majority that believes assault rifles were meant for killing and have no place in the typical American home. They believe in the 2nd Amendment but also realize its limitations. The Founding Fathers did not intend for it to open the door to an NRA style culture with zero restraint.

It was almost a year ago in 2012 that the call went out through gun control advocates to enlist those with this philosophy to join the NRA, while identifying members within the organization that were approving of sensible gun control. They responded in droves with 3 million new applicants signing up and 750,000 NRA member sympathizers joining the group. That meant out of the total membership now of 7,300,000, 3,750,000 were anti Wayne LaPierre.

Finally, there was a majority in the most powerful lobby in the country; but could they throw the bums at the top out? With determination the gun controllers set about to infiltrate the meetings, espousing their views on sensible gun control….. It was done and the gun controllers had done it. When they went searching for LaPierre to officially strip him of his titles and position he was nowhere to be found. One security guard said that he saw him and several other men exiting through a basement door that led to the parking lot where they expected to find their limousines. They weren’t there. The gun controllers had made sure of that. LaPierre was later seen walking around the parking lot begging for a ride.

The 2013 NRA Annual Meeting closed early.

Oh, only if…

This is the dream of current anti-rights activists. They’re losing, and see no hope of gaining ground, so they fantasize about some unseen shadow group toppling their arch enemy, the NRA. God knows they can’t do it…but maybe their bullshit anti-rights surveys are right, and most gun owners and NRA members are silent supporters of Brady and Joyce.

Then Reality:

Instead of the image of the white male father dressed in flannel taking his son off to the woods for the traditional deer hunt, the new image of gun ownership is much broader and more diverse. The members of the 2.0 gun culture are more likely to own an AR15 with a suppressor than a Winchester Model 70. And, you can rest assured that a new gen gun owner is likely to be carrying a Glock or KelTec when you run into them at the local coffee shop.

In today’s gun culture, there are many more women, a broader mix of races and a wider range of backgrounds. Instead of being a clean cut poster child of the 1950’s many gun owners are bikers or body art enthusiasts covered with tattoos. Others are fashion conscious while others still are computer nerds. Members of the new gun generation range in age from teens to retirees.

The point is, our culture has changed. And, it has changed for the better. We attract all kinds of people into the gun world because all of the lies about us are easily disproven now that the mass media no longer has control over what people know. The internet has allowed the truth about firearms to get out.

This is really true. Used to be gun owners were aging hunters, and always white and male. Now the gun ranges, gun shows, and conventions are filled with young people, women, minorities. Rather than the flinty woodsmen who use their guns to hunt game and kill varmints, but computer geeks and soccer mom’s who are packing guns to protect their lives if it comes to that.

Rather than the ranges being popping circle targets at various ranges from slow-fire, we’re getting action shooting sports where you’re playing out action-packed defensive scenarios.

Its a growing demographic, and why stores like Wal-Mart that won’t sell the popular rap CDs because they aren’t family friendly are selling AR-15s.

Its a huge force…and the antis would just prefer that they don’t exist and keep pimping a survey that simply isn’t valid!

Their tears are both sweet and plentiful!

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11 Responses to Fantasy vs. Reality

  1. Thirdpower says:

    If they had enough people to ‘take over’ the NRA they wouldn’t have to because they would own the political scene. That he doesn’t even realize that is another reason they’ve lost.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      And they kinda did back in the Fudd dregs of the 90s when the NRA could only do damage control, and every horrible event gave birth to restrictions that had NOTHING to do with what had happened. And the gun owners supported it, because all they cared about was their deer rifle and skeet gun…and maybe that Model 10, or M1911 or luger in their sock drawer.

      The bubble burst, and all they can do is pine for the “Good Old Days”.

  2. Paladin says:

    What the heck is a “budding majority”, anyway?

    Oh yeah. I forgot that the new definition of majority is Whoever Thinks Like Me (even if there’s only a handful of us).

  3. Jack says:

    I also love the weepy “Reasonable Gun owners support US they love registration and banning carry and background checks!” and “The Founding Fathers never wanted this!”

    The confusion of assault rifles goes without saying. Weapons that are already defacto banned? But that brings this:

    “These are reasonable people, some of which own guns, many who are NRA members, but realize they should only be meant for protection in the home.”

    versus this:

    “They are also a part of the budding majority that believes assault rifles were meant for killing and have no place in the typical American home”

    So guns are “only [for] protection in the home.” But guns “meant for killing” have “no place [at] home”.

    Common Sense!

    • Thirdpower says:

      That reminds me of the old anti “ATR/Culturologist” who was taking martial arts and physical training because you never know when you’ll need to protect your family from criminals but if you carry/own a gun to protect yourself from criminals you were a paranoid nut.

  4. Bob S. says:

    Why do I hear strains of “Dreamer, nothing but a dreamer” running through my head when I read Nasty Jack’s words?

    The Gun Culture 2.0 is changing but it is a case of “in addition to” not “instead of”. In addition to the dad taking their kids hunting, we have people like me bring new shooters to the sports. Out of the new shooters I’ve taught in the last two years; 1 was my daughter, 1 Filipino /Mexican American male, my brother (sort of), his Filipino wife, 3 young Filipino American kids (2 females, 1 Male), an bi-racial teen male (at the blog shoot), and my native american daughter in law (who also happens to have at least 1 Tat).

    The reality is that modern rifles are here to stay just as modern arms where here to stay 200 years ago. The reality is the antis efforts at indoctrination fail to stand up to scrutiny when people start looking at the facts. The reality is when people learn to use firearms safely they realize how wrongly gun owners have been portrayed by antis.

  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    Well, after this weekend, I think the Anti-Freedom Crowd is about ready to crawl into the Bunker and wait for the T-34s to arrive , so to speak. Why do I say so? Well, those of us who went to the Wounded Warrior Shoot in Northern VA had a little surprise. It being an Open Range, we had to share the Facilities with other Groups. One of them was a Production Team for some outfit that was setting up for another Gunny Shooting Show for the TeeWee. Guess which Network?


    Now, it may never see the light of day, but the fact that MTV, which no one over 25 seems to watch anymore is willing to dole out some bucks to put on a Shooting Show, well, can you say “Demographic Change?”

    Oh, BTW. Great Shoot, Great Time, and over $1,000 raised for the Wounded Warrior Foundation.

    Which is why we are winning.

  6. Greg Camp says:

    Nasty Jack participates in the fantasy that the NRA, by itself, is the only thing keeping this country from gun control. He fails to comprehend the fact that the people as a whole and in most regions do not want their liberties to be taken away.

    If his control-freak conspiracy ever happened, a dozen other groups–some of them already existing right now–would take the NRA’s place, and the fight would go on. We’d continue winning.

  7. Tom says:

    Hmmm… what if actual gun owners and supporters of gun rights started showing up at Bloomber, Brady & Co meetings? I don’t think they have the membership to do an annual meeting. But they might have local meetings and certainly have little rallies. Maybe we could try to get a Bloomberg, Brady sponsored day at a local shooting range?

  8. Geodkyt says:

    I like it, Tom. after all, I’m against illegal guns as well. Nope, I want all guns imported into this country to face the same import taxes , to keep the playing field level. Likewise, so long as I am prohibited from Form 1’ing a machinegun and have to pay good, earned, post-tax dollars for the scarcity prices pre-86 guns bring, I don’t want the local free-market pharmaceutical rep to avoid the artificial markup AND cheat the treasury of his stamp tax.

    So, let’s take over MAIG, and direct it at ILLEGAL guns — they have obviously lost their way from the stated purpose, given that their focus is to make MORE guns illegal when they should be trying the absolute opposite!

    {evil grin}

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