Good On Her!

Serious Gun links to Emily Miller’s Facebook where she finally got her SIG

Part of me is filled with Joy. She got the gun she’s been wanting for ages. Part of me is angry. I got thinking about when I bought my Beretta 21A, I bought the gun, and a pocket holster. While we were discussing the bullshit law where all guns MUST be sold with a locking device from an FFL. I reached into my pocket and pulled out one of my trigger locks I keep in my truck SPECIFICALLY when I want to buy a new gun, and don’t feel like paying extra money for a “Safety” device that provides none. Still since I had just bought a holster, and the gun didn’t come with a box I asked “Would you mind if I just carried this out?” His answer, “Sure whatever!” So I dropped the gun and holster in my pocket and I carried out my paperwork and an empty bag for the Uncle Mike’s holster.

Now I generally don’t carry a gun out of a store, that’s not my point. I’m just sad and angry that Emily currently cannot have that right.

We have a LOT more work to do!

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    And yet, when I read the desired regulations of gun grabbers who “support the Second Amendment and just want some common sense laws,” I see proposals that are exactly what D.C. has.

    It reminds me of that scene in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy when the Vogons inform Earthlings that they could have filed a protest against the destruction of the planet, but they’d have had to go to Alpha Centauri to do it.

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