“Gun Death” Border Jumper

Here’s an interesting twist on the typical “Car Death”

At least nine suspected illegal immigrants were killed and six more were injured when the van they were packed into crashed and rolled not long after a border patrol traffic stop in a South Texas town, police said Wednesday.

The van was demolished in the accident in Palmview around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday, said police Cmdr. Lenny Sanchez.

Four men fled the wreck: two were caught and two remained at large early Wednesday, Sanchez said.

The van, designed to carry a driver and up to seven passengers, had been gutted to squeeze in more passengers, he said.

Was it the van that killed, or was it the criminal act of Illegally crossing the border?

Maybe we should make illegal immigration more illegaler…..

h/t Bob

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  1. LittleRed1 says:

    There must be something in the air in Texas this month. Last week a van rolled down near El Paso (driven by a 14 y.o. if I recall), killed several, maimed more, and people fled the scene – all illegal aliens, except the underage driver.

    • LittleRed1 says:

      Arrrgh. I read “Plainview” instead of Palmview and thought it was a different town. There are a fair number of illegals near Plainview because of the packing plants and cotton industry.

  2. Paul B. says:

    you know they’d never come here if our greedy fellow-citizens stopped trying to screw thy neighbor by using cheap labor.

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