Give Him Some Love

David Price, the subject of this recent post found my story and left some kind words.

He also left a link to his website where he advertises concealed carry training for Illinois residents. Just because your home state won’t let you carry doesn’t mean you have to be disarmed wherever you are!

We need everybody in this fight! We need the stalwarts in the gun-friendly state to keep fording forward pushing back junk laws and pushing forward good new laws. We also need people in the last bastions of anti-rights teaching, running FFLs, and getting more people to know, understand, and maybe even like guns.

There’s a reason when the Brady Campaign recently pushed a pledge they got ZERO SUPPORT, even in anti-gun states there are a LOT of gun owners, and people who aren’t hostile to the 2nd Amendment. That didn’t come from nowhere, and its people like Mr. Price who are helping build that foundation.

So if you know anybody in the area who could use some training, or needs the services of an FFL, pass that website along!

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