“Gun Death” Pool

When I moved into my house it had no guns in it, and it had a pool. I added guns, and removed the pool. Why? Because pools are DANGEROUS!

Based on their preliminary investigation, Arlington police said they do not believe negligence was involved in the apparent drowning deaths of twin brothers at their grandmother’s house Tuesday night in Arlington.

Police said they believe 4-year-old Mark and Luke Nguyen, of Grand Prairie, died by accident after getting into the backyard in-ground pool unnoticed. The twins slipped out the door of their grandmother’s house, located in the 3200 block of Hunter Cove Drive, within five to 10 minutes of arriving with their father. Police said the boys got through a gate around the pool, which may or may not have been secured at the time.

More children are killed in pools and other bodies of water than by guns. Hey but “Gun Deaths” are more valid, because “Progressives” don’t want to ban pools…yet

h/t Bob

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