“Gun Death” Tower

Let’s look at this one!

An American woman staying at a five-star Singapore hotel plunged 60 floors to her death, landing on a parapet above a Starbucks coffee outlet.

The 40-year-old’s fall happened in the early hours of Sunday at Swissotel The Stamford.

Those who talk about “Gun Death” often talk about “Need” when it comes to own guns.

Does an American NEED to travel to the far east? We have everything you could ever need here! I know people who spend most of their time in the same town where they were born. They travel occasionally, but never really NEED to.

Do we NEED five-star high-rise hotels? I’ve spent many a night in crappy single-story Motels. Don’t see anybody NEEDING anything more for a soft place to sleep that keeps the rain off their heads.

What about Starbucks that are so deadly when you crash into them at high speeds? Isn’t there a coffee maker in the five-star room? Or Room Service? Hell what do you NEED coffee for? I mean water will do, right?

Still in the end, all this talk of “NEED” is moot, as it isn’t a “Gun Death”! Further all the talk of people who have saved their lives with firearms is also irrelevant, as “Gun Death” is the most compelling force to somebody who’s life mission is to ban guns.

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  1. AZRon says:

    Unless the hotel clearly posted signs in 30 different languages clearly stating that a fall from 60 stories may result in permanent injury or death, her survivors may have hit the lawsuit lottery.

    Oops, never mind. This didn’t happen in the U.S.

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