“Gun Death” TV Epidemic

Woah, this story wasn’t just a one-off

KETV NewsWatch 7 has learned that another child has died due to a falling television.

Two-year-old Sulma Ambrocio-Avalos died last week.

An older model television hit her in the head at her family’s apartment near 45th and Cuming streets on March 12.

A baby died days before that accident when a television fell on him at a Lincoln motel.

Another toddler was injured by a falling TV last month in Waterloo.

I will admit that some of my “Gun Death” stories are outlandish. I was hoping this was another one of those. Sadly it isn’t.

h/t Wallphone

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  1. Lissa says:

    I foresee legislation to protect us from the TV menace any day now. Seatbelts that attach it to your stand? Chains that hold the stand to the wall? I’m sure Our Benevolent Masters can come up with something.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I bought a POS Dresser from Target for my Bachelor pad in Portland. It came with some nylon strapping that you were supposed to tie into a stud or drywall anchor so the dresser couldn’t be flipped.

      Of course nobody even makes a CRT TV, and all the flatscreens are built to be hung like a picture frame…

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