Hard to Belive


Two former Massachusetts recreation managers have admitted that prosecutors have enough evidence to convict them of reckless endangerment of a child for opening a murky state-run pool where the body of a drowned woman went unnoticed for two days.

Brian Shanahan and Jeff Carter both admitted to sufficient facts in court Tuesday. Their cases were continued without a finding for a year. If they are not convicted of any new crimes during that probationary period, the charges will be dropped.

When this first happened I couldn’t believe the story went down like it was said. The pool is painted that light aqua color that’s popular with pool liners. The departed woman had black skin which I think would have stood out more, than say a pale skinned person in a pale bathing suit.

The woman had 3 kids and a long-time boyfriend, and was at the pool with a young kid, none of them raised enugh of a ruckus for anybody to look very hard, and certainly not enugh to interest authorities.

The fact that the pool was so murky that nobody could see the corpse on the bottom for several days is scary, but I’m still more troubled that nobody went nuts when the kid she was with came home and she didn’t.

Messed up!

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  1. Kurt P says:

    What really got me was that that they’d open an obviously unsafe/sanitary pool to the public.

    Then it hit me- this IS in a Liberal city where people aren’t supposed to use common sense.
    If the pool was that bad the chemicals were wrong or the filters weren’t working and should have been close until it was safe.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I had a muni-pool near my house that was also the pool that our Swim team practiced in.

      Needless to say I logged some hours in the pool. There were times when something was messed up and the pool was closed, and you could see the bottom, and this was a big bitch that sounded 15 feet at the deep end, and you could still see the lane markers through the murk.

      Yeah, but that was Maine. Southern Maine where people are “Sensible” but still not as incompetent as Massachusetts.

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