If You Are a Grown-up You Are a Chump!

I lived in an Apartment for a number of years. I wasn’t just living there, I was saving. I moved in with my wife, we lived together in an Apartment, we were saving. Our Landlord turned one of our apartments into a Condo, we looked to buy it, and while we COULD afford to own the place, it was too tight for our comfort.

We now have our own home. We have a mortgage, and we’re still saving. Why? Because if one of use loses our job, or we have an emergency we can weather a good deal of storms and never miss a Mortgage payment. We recently refinanced our mortgage and got a lower rate. We still pay the same monthly rate so we can pay the house down faster, and can always fall back to the lower minimum rate.

We are CHUMPS!

Some relief for more than a million beleaguered homeowners appears to be at hand, as New York and California will join just about all the other states in a $26 billion foreclosure settlement with the nation’s largest banks, according to a person familiar with negotiations.

So we sacrificed so much to weather hard times now WE get to pay for those who didn’t.

Why fucking bother? Today Americans are PUNISHED for acting their age.

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  1. LMB says:

    Why bother? Because it can’t and won’t last. Because you like looking in the mirror and being proud of who you see?

    This is just more unsustainable pork politics.

  2. bluesun says:

    One of the few things that actually causes my mother to start spitting with rage.

  3. Alan says:

    Don’t be too upset. If you think the banks are just gonna roll over on this without getting their pound of flesh somewhere then you don’t know any bankers.

    Sure SOME people will get a heck of a deal. And some people win the lottery too.

  4. thirdpower says:

    I still remember all the people being interviewed in ’08 saying “Obama’s going to give me free money” and “Obama’s going to pay my mortgage”.

    I paid off my house when I had to opportunity to. One of the best financial moves I’ve ever made.

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  6. Grendel says:

    This kind of thing really enrages me. I have to tell you though, for me it’s worth it to be responsible and not have the stress of collection calls or foreclosure threats. And the satisfaction and pride of a job well done makes being responsible so worthwhile. Besides, I believe that there are eternal rewards and punishments for our actions, and I suppose that may be the most powerful motivator of all.

    And of course there’s always the booby prize of not having your internet friends think you’re a sponging douchebag.

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