Scott Brown voted with Republicans against the Buffet Tax bill.

Romney Addressed the NRA talking about how pro-gun he is.

What could possibly cause them to alter their behavior like this?

Yeah. I’m not that fucking stupid.

PS: Those of you who still think Obama will come out of his shell and expose is true Marxist Revolutionary….Just look at Massachusetts. Deval Patric, who might as well be President Obama’s mini-me clone, just got re-elected, and can’t even be bothered to be seen in the state. And this is in a state where Republicans don’t really exist, and moderate Democrats are a rare breed.

Its a gamble, but I think I have good evidence that without a 3rd Term to worry about, rather than ferociously passing anti-rights “Progressive” bills without political fallout, he’ll simply know he can interject his ego into local news stories, take extravagant vacations, and give speeches that badmouth America without fear of Political fallout.

He’s a rock star that will no longer have to make albums, it was never “about the music” it was all about the being a hedonistic egomaniac.

At least that’s what I think.

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  1. Alan says:

    It’s the Election Shuffle!

  2. Jack says:

    Obama really does wish he were king. In the modern European sense: being a nationally-subsidized pampered and groomed pet that reigns more than rules.

    Since he’s disdainful of the detail and wonk-work of acutal politics and would rather have his edicts be “respected” than actually enforced.

    That’s not to say Obama wouldn’t support any Marxist revolutionary pap that crosses his desk (he certiantly talks the talk), either from Congress, his Czars, the ATF, Holder, ect he just lacks the initiative to push for it himself (IE being too lazy to walk the walk).

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Oh yeah he IS a Marxist, and he IS anti-gun. But any laws for his pen need to be written and passed by Legislators with no encouragement or help from the Executive branch.

      Sure when he was asked to appoint Supreme Court Justices he picked to under-qualified anti-freedom judges.

      But on the other hand he had a Supermajority and he let it just slip between his fingers. There’s a reason for that.

      Meanwhile Romney is NOT like that. He was a Republican in a state that doesn’t care WHAT your political views are, R= Evil, D= Good, and yet in this state, and with a Legislature with almost zero partisan support he managed to push forward horrible anti-freedom laws.

      And if you think he’ll appoint small-government conservative judges you really need to step back and look at things.

      • Jack says:

        Well yeah. That’s why I said “lacks initiative”.

        Though it’s a bit old fasioned to think we need legislation to bring new laws. The current regualtory state means that the agencies can make whatever laws they want and it’s up to congress to halt them, and the president can veto.

        Which really suits Obama’s style of governance. IE let his hangers on and flunkies do “good work” while he gets photo’d at fancy junkets.

        Meanwhile, Romney is a doer. He ain’t lazy.
        The *best* you can say for him was he line-item vetoed some of the worst parts of Romeneycare… and then watched as his veto was overridden anyway.

        So when the best a guy can offer is agreeing to put the snowman in hell but give him a little hat while knowing full well it’ll blow off…

        Romeny also seems a mite less disdainful of seperation of powers and the legislative process. Course unlike Obama, *he* could get some stuff acomplished with congress being so “common sense” let alone if he had a supermajority.

  3. Erin Palette says:

    I’m not wild about either choice, really, but I’ve finally made up my mind: I’m voting AGAINST Eric Holder. Anything that gets him out of office is a good thing.

    • bluesun says:

      I’m leaning that way myself…

      • Joe in PNG says:

        Holder alone is pretty much worth a Romney vote…
        But it ain’t just Eric the Gun Runner. You also have Taxes? Timmeh, No Energy Chu, and Reset Rodham-Clinton running around doing their thing of trashing this country.

        At least Romney is smart enough to know that if he turns left, he gets tossed out in 4.

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