Just When You Thought Boston Traffic Couldn’t Get Worse

Now the Morning Drive slot has NOTHING good on!

Rush Limbaugh announced he is leaving WXKS-AM and heading back to WRKO, and “Talk 1200” yanked local talkmeisters Jay Severin and Jeff Katz from its weekday lineup.

A spokesman for the Clear Channel-owned Talk 1200 (WXKS-AM) wouldn’t confirm Severin and Katz’s ousters out of “respect” but their names have disappeared from the talk station’s website.

“As a policy, and out of respect for the individuals, we don’t discuss details of personnel matters,” said spokesman Joe Mazzei in an email. “Unfortunately, some employees were affected. These are never easy decisions to make. We appreciate their commitment and service to the station and company over the years, and we wish them all the best.”

Now Jay Severin is a prime example of the Peter Principle, he constantly made inflammatory and foolish remarks to get people to call in excited, and eventually that eventually got him dismissed from the FM band, and was taken up by the new station that needed talent. Jeff on the other hand was a GREAT local host, and let’s face it, if you live in Massachusetts, why do you need to listen to a national show? Boston politics are a totally corrupt and morally bankrupt freak show. Tuned in this morning and found that there was a luke-warm national show where Jeff normally was.

Also I’ll say Jeff was also a great professional, when Larry Pratt of GOA showed his ass on Jeff’s show, I emailed his producer, and eventually got the MP3 of the interview. Also I’m a bit depressed knowing that a family man of little means and a special needs daughter is now without his day job.

Jeff, you will be greatly missed, and you and your family will be in my thoughts, and I hope to be hearing your voice again soon!

Oh and Talk 1200, I have no reason to listen to you anymore, so you’ve just lost me.

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  1. Ratus says:

    Maybe you could listen to a podcast. 😉

    Does the drinking game work with coffee?

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