My Valentine’s Day Plans

So there’s a group (mostly Brady Campaign Members posing as a sister group) who are planning on boycotting starbucks.

Now these anti-rights cultists won’t really pose a threat. First they have no numbers, and second the few acolytes they DO have, don’t actually partake in Starbucks anyway, so the “Boycott” is essentially like the “Boycott” of Guns America.

Still its been suggested that we take their boycott date of Valentine’s day. There are a bunch of good suggestions. Some involve open carrying when you buy your beverage, paying with $2 bills, or better tipping with the twos, some have suggested handing out cards as you pay that thank Starbucks for their support in the 2nd Amendment. Barron is looking to find ways to send Starbucks to the troops overseas (Drop me an email, bud, I want to know how I can get on this!)

I’ll just share my plan. I don’t drink much coffee, and overall I’m not a Starbuck’s fan, but I found one near my house, so I think I’ll darken their door on Tuesday. Now OC is legal in Massachusetts, but people have been arrested, and had their permits revoked for ACCIDENTAL exposure of a carry piece, let alone intentional open carry, so I won’t do that. I might wear my 2nd Amendment T-shirt just to lay a subtle hint.

Still what I plan on doing is taking a picture of my receipt, and maybe my Coffee and aggregating this with every other blog post, or reader-submitted photos, much like the “Do More than Just Light a Candle” post, and then I will email a post of all the submissions and posts I can find to Starbucks Corporate feedback.

My goals are to make our point to where it matters most, the people that make policies, and count the money. I honestly don’t want to do TOO much showmanship in the actual coffee bar, as the staff and local management don’t really have much say on national Starbuck’s policy, and I am concerned about any sort of “Appreciation” being heard by somebody who may not like or know much about guns as “Hey I have a Gun! And you might hear this as a VERY veiled threat!”

Open carry I’m not too worried about, or 2nd Amendment apparel, or NRA gear ect, as those sort of things are often seen the least by the people who would be most upset, and given the focus by Starbucks by the anti-rights groups and the resulting counter-protests, they very well have likely seen lawful carry before.

I’m also a little wary of anything that says “Thank you for supporting my 2nd Amendment Rights” as Starbucks has done no such thing. They’ve actually done the RIGHT thing, which is stick to the coffee and confections, and leave gun laws to law makers and activists. Starbuck’s policy is simply stating that Starbucks doesn’t treat the 2nd Amendment any differently than your local state does. So if you live in a place that doesn’t support your rights, Starbucks is no different, and if you live in a gun friendly state you don’t have to do anything silly before you buy a coffee.

There are a ton of people doing this, so I just want to make sure the right people hear the good word!

So if you have a blog post something about your Valentine’s day experience and then leave a link in the comment section here, or on the post I’ll put up on Tuesday Morning. If you don’t have a blog or otherwise want me to host your photo email it to weerdbeard (AT) gmail(dot) com and I’ll put it up on the blog on the 15s and email it to Starbucks. If you send me a photo, try to do it before midnight on the 14th and write “Starbucks” in the subject line so your message and picture don’t get lost.

This should be fun!

Also I’d like to thank Blackhawk101 for helping inspire this event!

Have fun, and see you then!

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  1. Sarah says:

    On getting Starbucks to the troops:

    Check out Soldiers’ Angels. Their store, in the “care packages” section, has a way for you to purchase coffee that was donated–you buy it and SA ships it to the troops. Starbucks is one of the coffee companies that donated, so I don’t know if you’ll be sending their coffee specifically. Still, it’s an idea. 🙂

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Here’s my “Plan A”: Go to Starbucks, buy something, sit at table with a copy of my local paper for that day and Monster Hunter Alpha, and take a picture or two. Send them to you.

    “Is First Amendment. Is Dangerous! What not you get?”

  3. mike w. says:

    The Starbucks nearest me is inside a mall that’s known to kick you out for OC’ing, so I won’t be going.

  4. I’ve got a hand full of addresses of guys over seas interested. One of which can distribute coffee to his whole FOB.

    Anyone that’s interested in helping, sent an email to soldiers.angels at

    You can also do the link above. If you want to participate in my drive though send me an email and buy some Starbucks Via. I’m going to wrap up the logistics for distribution tonight after work.

    Weer’d I just bumped you an email.

  5. Daniel in Brookline says:

    I have a stack of $2 bills; my wife and I plan to spend them in style at Starbucks this Valentine’s Day. Maybe I’ll peruse the latest Cheaper Than Dirt catalog while I’m there; maybe not.

    Slightly off-topic: WB, I thought open carry was illegal in MA? (I’ve heard the police say that bluntly.)

    Daniel in Brookline

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Nope OC is 100% legal in Massachusetts so long as you have an LTC:A with no restrictions (AKA your Massachusetts Carry Permit).

      All the law cases I’ve read have been for people who have had a coat blow open in the wind or had a garment slip over their carry gun and a police officer witnessed it, or somebody called the police about a “Man with a gun”.

      The SOP is the officer asks the individual if they are armed, and if they have an LTC. They examine the LTC and when they find it to be in good order they simply tell the citizen to be more careful. The next they hear about it is when their permit is renewed they either get a rejection letter, or a Class C FID (only low-capacity long-guns, no pistols, no hi-cap guns) with the explanation that they “exercised bad judgement”.

      Never are any charges filed or fines levied. This is the tyranny of discretionary issue.

      • God I love living out here. I get a 10% discount for open carrying.

        Cops look at people who freak out and say, “What’s the problem!? I have a gun, he has a gun, what’s the difference?”

        You need to leave that shit stain Weer’d for greener pastures.

  6. Jennifer says:

    Speaking of pro-gun businesses, had dinner at a place with this sticker on their door×5-your-legal-carry-fire-arm-welcome-here

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