On Lance Armstrong

We’ve all heard it. Here’s a rundown:

This June Usada charged Armstrong with drug trafficking and using banned steroids, the red blood cell booster erythropoietin (EPO), and human growth hormone as well as illegal blood transfusions dating back to 1986.

I find it so hard to give a shit about this. Its not economic, as these cyclists use crazy expensive ultra-light bikes to get the most of their power….not to mention how much time and equipment he must spend to keep in such good shape.

The drugs and treatments are against the rules….and rules are rules.

Still what’s the point? Isn’t this modern medicine? I mean 50 years ago Armstrong might have died from cancer, but modern medicine brought him right back to his prime. How are all the doping he allegedly did any different?

Same goes for when another sports player blows out a shoulder or a knee and has modern arthroscopic surgery. Back in the day it would be a career ending injury, or the more invasive open surgery might cause them to miss seasons and training that they never fully recover to how they were before the injury.

I don’t know these modern drugs, but I know the oldschool steroids were bad for you. But since when did we care about the lives of athletes? Just look at any retired athlete! I don’t know about cyclists, but baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and I’m sure Soccer (but I’m American so I don’t pay attention to that crap either), they’re in their 40s and so blown out with injuries and arthritis they move around like they’re in their 70s!

They used their bodies up being the best, and we don’t get all bluesy over it. Why do we care if Lance is shooting up all sorts of super hormones to make his body stronger? Its not like he’s doing that shit for fun, you never see anybody shooting heroin and then winning a marathon or the Tour De France.

Just quit being puritanical retards, we want him to ride a crazy space-bike wicked fast, and this crap makes him go faster. We also didn’t want him to die of cancer, which makes you go wicked slow!

Tell me what the damn difference is!

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  1. The worst part is, they are doing it all without a shred of evidence. All of the drug tests always came out clean, the French even stopped trying to pin crap n him, but there’s always going to be someone else who wants to knock down the successful. I can’t blame him for just saying “Screw it, I’m done.”

    Talk about space bikes….it would be interesting to see what would happen if they deregulated it even more. Let people have disc brakes. Let the bikes be as light as people want to ride. Hell, let them ride recumbents in the TDF and then we’ll see what’s best. It’s kind of annoying that the bikes average people ride are based on trickle down from racing rules that don’t benefit anyone.

  2. bluesun says:

    It’s because France can’t stand it when America wins.

  3. yossi says:

    if they were to give the Tour de france titles to the next finisher w/o any allegations of drug use they would have to go to the 23rd finisher. everyone in cycling is using PEDs

  4. Cargosquid says:

    I’d like to know how a US quasi-gov’t agency has the authority to convict him of ANYTHING without a trial or showing evidence. They are penalizing him because he’s not defending himself against charges that were cleared in other places years ago.

    Being a agency, they don’t need to worry about finances. And they even stated that 5 of the seven charges have had the statute of limitations hit….and yet they still charge him.

    Its a vendetta.

  5. Will Brown says:

    It’s for the money!

    And the USADA is a private business that Congress has authorized a degree of sports doping oversight regulatory authority for US Olympic events. Which I suppose explains their lame attempt to take the Bronze Medal Armstrong won in the 2000 Olympic Games – about the time USADA was being created.

    The USADA has no authority over the International Cycling Union (who organizes and regulates the Tour de France) nor over IOC sanctioned and monitored events (like the international Olympic Games) and therefore has no authority to grant or withdraw any title or prize either organization might award an athlete.

    They can try to influence a civil court with a preponderance of the evidence claim against the monies Lance has won over the years, assuming said court will accept the “but he did it too” testimony of admitted dopers of course. Which works for the cops all the time in criminal and asset forfeiture trials, so who knows?

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