Republican Fracture

Frankly I welcome this. I will NOT be voting Republican for President because I lived under Romney as Governor of Massachusetts, and that was enough for me. Also given that the toss-up for President this year ended with a showdown between Romney and Santorum, and let’s not forget McCain. I hate ALL of them, and they don’t represent my view.

But the Democrats don’t represent me either. Then there’s this shit!

More here via Mrs. Weer’d.

I think we have a good freshman class in the GOP, and I can’t wait for these guys to come into their own, and supplant the big-government Bible-thumping Republicans.

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  1. Jack says:

    Reason makes good mention of the Tea Party.

    And that’s why the Libs and the Media to their best to potray the Tea Party as being “hijacked” by more of the same Daddy-State Bible thumpers. Because the Republicans actually moving past that is a major threat to the Left. And while they try to turn Rand into some flag-hugging bible-waver.

    It will be interesting to see how the Stupid Party works with this Fracture. When the Libs had their own fracture between blue collar and old school defense democrats and the elite “clerisy” of public sector workers, media mavens, goo-goos, laywers and their client farms of dolists; we all know the way the Dems went.

    It’s also a threat to said the big-govs and Bible thumpers themselves. Which is why they have been trying to neuter and co-opt the Tea Party themselves. I can only speak for my own experience and while there are evangelicals at Tea Party events, there are also libertarian types and others, and the thing they have in common is not wanting the state at their necks.

  2. Suz says:

    I’d like to see the Republicans acknowledge that family/divorce law, not a handful of gays, is what’s destroying the Family. It’s not men who file for most divorces; it’s women, who are offered financial incentives to either find a “better” husband, or pretend to live “independently.” {Not to mention the Social Security $$ raked in by states, in tandem with child support judgments. (Gotta support those kids whose dad’s don’t work!)}
    Divorce is profitable for everyone, except the working men (primarily) who pay for it. “For the Children!” (whose lives are destroyed by it) is the excuse. SoCons don’t want to admit this, because they’re a part of the problem.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Or women who are offered monetary incentives for marking “Unknown” under the “Father” field on the birth certificates for their kids.

      Frankly my support for Gay Marriage is more Conservative than Libertarian. Gays don’t have accidental pregnancies, they need to do a lot of planning and paperwork and generally PAY for it, this generally weeds out the really shitty parents. Also some of the fear of gays is the whole “Gay Blade” “Bath house” stereotype (all of these behaviors of course also exist in straight people) but with a model for a gay nuclear family I see it as nothing but positive for gay family values.

      • Suz says:

        Exactly, but the SoCons need to blame somebody. That fraction of gays who want to be legally married, are just an easy target.

  3. Bill Keller says:

    Heard the same, well thought out, arguments from folks that voted for Perot . . . . that went so well for our country.

    For your consideration: While Romney is very far from a conservative Republican, his VP choice is a conservative Republican. If Romney did not have some interest in bending our country to a more conservative path, there were a number of VP picks that would have suited that purpose much better. Many of the new faces in the House and Senate are conservative Republicans. If they are elected and Obama and Biden hold their office, a real opportunity to change our current destructive path will have been wasted. Honestly you won’t have to worry about making a difference again for a very long time . . . . .

    If it were a choice between a rabid poodle with massive diarreah and Obama/Biden, I would personally donate to buy pampers for the poodle.

    Just sayin’ . . . . . . .

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Still as nice as Ryan is, Veeps are really little more than window dressing. Its fairly well documented that Cheney (who’s openly gay daughter works for his campaign staff) strongly split with Bush on his gay-hate. That didn’t stop Bush from pushing his Defense of Mirage crap and other anti-gay stuff.

      It COULD be that Romney will take Ryan as a “Trusted Adviser”, but I’m betting he’ll be more like every other veep, and just be there to cheer lead in election years.

      • Jack says:

        Which makes Biden such an odd example of a VP pick, as he’s not good at cheerleading, doesn’t bring any swing states, and isn’t even “young” or “cool”.

        Ol’ Slow Joe seems to be nothing more than a meat sheild.

        Or maybe he was the only one that said yes and Obama didn’t think of as a threat.

    • bluesun says:

      “Romney – Heart Attack 2012”

    • Jake says:

      If Romney did not have some interest in bending our country to a more conservative path, there were a number of VP picks that would have suited that purpose much better.

      The only “interest” Romney had in picking Ryan was how many votes he could bring in. Romney was hoping Ryan as his VP would energize his campaign the same way Palin did for McCain. Let’s face it, a lot of people who wouldn’t have voted at all rather than voting for Romney will come out and vote now because they like Paul Ryan.

      VP candidates have become nothing more than attempts to motivate voters, and don’t have any real effect on actual policy. It would be nice to see one actually do his Constitutional job as president of the Senate one of these days.

      • Jack says:

        There’s also Wisconsin. Ryan could be a real boon in pushing that state over.

        Just like how Biden secured Deleware in a risky gambit that helped put Obama over the top.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        Yep I voted for McCain in ’08 just because of Palin. I know Red Johnny would have just kept her locked up until he needed a good speech delivered. I won’t be voting for Veep ever again, because I know that’s a naive thing to do.

        Still I wouldn’t have voted for Obama or “Daddy State” Barr, so I guess it was John “McCain Feingold” McCain in that turd sammich.

        At least Gary Johnson is a solid candidate. I’ll be voting for him because between Romney and Obama, I really could care less who wins.

        • Cargosquid says:

          Voting for Palin was a realistic idea….McCain is OLD…..just sayin…

          Of course, we see now that he comes from a very long lived family.

          Btw, has anyone seen McCain during the day lately?

  4. Bubblehead Les says:

    As I commented over at PAGUN.BLOG last night, I think the Republicans would be best served if the ONLY Major Division in the Ranks is which is better: 9mm. or .45ACP.

    Trust me, the way the Democratic/Socialist/Progressive/Trade Unionist/Communist Party is currently set up, the “Middle-of-the-Road” Voter out there is readily available for the asking, provide they don’t get Screamed at for not going to Church 3 times a week.

    However, I am taking Great Joy in seeing the “Witch Hunter” Branch of the Republican Party grinding their teeth and hearing the Lamentations of their Women over the Fact that they have one of “Those Mormon Heretics” as THEIR Presidential Candidate.

  5. Rob says:

    If you think you do not want to vote for Obama or Romney, send a message and vote for Gary Johnson of the libertarian party.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That’s who I’ll be voting for, and proud to do it. I also voted for Ron Paul in the Mass Primary. While Dr. Paul got dick for votes here, it sure did feel good, and that’s worth something right there.

      Be neat if Johnson does get a win. Unexpected, unprecedented, and improbable, but neat! He’d make the best President of all these jokers.

  6. chiefjaybob says:

    Bill Keller mentioned Perot. I feel much the same way as I did in 1992. I didn’t think Bush Sr. had the spark we needed, and I certainly didn’t want to vote for Clinton. So I voted for Perot. I would love to have that vote back.

    I feel that voting in this election will be choosing the best turd in the punch bowl. Well, I *KNOW* what the one turd tastes like, and I don’t want anymore of it. I’m hoping the other turd maybe has some peanuts or corn in it.

  7. Thirdpower says:

    “I think we have a good freshman class in the GOP, and I can’t wait for these guys to come into their own, and supplant the big-government Bible-thumping Republicans.”

    By the time they ‘come into their own’ they’ll have morphed into the big-government Bible-thumping Republicans just like the pigs all morphed into farmer Jones.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I hope you’re wrong.

      Remember there was a time when you couldn’t interchange the terms “Democrats” and “Socialists”, that was something that the radicals in the 50s and 60s brought in to the party as the new members entered politics.

      Let’s home the same can be done by the GOP.

    • Rick Randall says:

      If Obama gets another 4 years, what happens with the current freshmen class is irrelevant, after Heller, Lopez, MacDonald, etc, get overruled and the “Fair Doctrine”, federal “hate speech” (i.e., Fox and any conservative), property rights, etc., by a 6-3 SCOTUS majority comprised of young, healthy far-left activists.

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