Point With Rebuttal

So Twitter twit “Everygun” (who I strongly suspect is on the Joyce payroll) has a well-used talking point.

Some gunners advocate abolishing current firearms laws because criminals evade them. Based on this logic any law broken should be repealed.

Now that’s a well-thought-out rebuttal (also she didn’t think of it). Its also not true. You see we strive to repeal ineffective gun laws not because criminals evade them, but that criminals aren’t even effected by them.

Take “Everygun’s” token drum to beat on: Background checks. A criminal steals a gun, or buys one from the same guy who sells him drugs. The people that do this are committing a crime, and can go to jail for it if caught. Generally the people buying and selling these drugs are also multiple felons, so even if the cops don’t catch the sale, and just catch the man and the gun, they can send them to jail.

Now let’s look at Virginia’s stupid “One-gun-a-month” law that Everygun was butthurt over it being repealed. Criminals can’t pass the background check so they can’t buy ONE gun PERIOD from a shop, unless they use a straw buyer. If the Straw buyer gets caught they go to jail, as well as the person orchestrating the buy. If I buy a gun and its legal, there is no problem. Why shouldn’t I buy TWO guns? They argue I could “Traffic” those guns…but if I do, I go to jail. Also note that if somebody has a Virginia carry permit, they can buy as many guns as they want, and that was OK.

The criminals never noticed when this law was repealed because they were so far removed.

How about carry permits? Criminals carry guns. Them owning guns is a crime, and if they’re caught they go to jail. Generally criminals carry guns illegally so they can threaten or murder people. That’s also illegal (duh!) and if you get caught you go to jail.

Meanwhile I carry. I have a bunch of permits in my wallet. I use them for NOTHING! Cops don’t see my gun, so they don’t ask for my permit. In the event I get asked about my permit I can present it. Generally in most of those contexts the cops might run my background. From that they can tell if I can legally posses a gun. If I can’t, but I’m carrying, I go to jail. So why have the permits in the first place?

Criminals don’t break “Gun Laws” they break the laws of society. By nature they commit crimes, they get caught they go to jail. Gun crimes are the least of criminals concerns, especially if they’re selling drugs, robbing, and committing murder.

But anti-rights people have an illogical laser-like focus: “If guns were as illegal as murder, nobody would be murdered with guns!”

Criminals don’t notice your bullshit redundant laws, they’re concerned about evading the laws against murder than theft to be concerned if their Glock magazines are pre-94, or if the convenience store they’re robbing has a “No guns” sign, or the park they’re raping women in is a “Gun Free Zone”.

You know who is bothered by these laws? Lawful citizens who not only commit no crimes, but carry and own guns to PREVENT crimes. I carry a gun because I’d rather have the DA charge a corpse with Assault, than the police opening a murder investigation.

Carry your guns, and get these stupid laws repealed! We need to make the world a safer place!

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  1. Greg Camp says:

    Criminal law ought to address bad behavior only. Neutral or good acts shouldn’t be the subject of legal scrutiny.

  2. Everybody's Dad says:

    Unfortunately gun charges are usually used as throw aways in the plea bargain. I’d love to see no prosecutorial discretion, felon with gun gets charged and tried on it period.

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