They Call US “Jerks”?

So it appears that CSGV is now making attacks against DC Reporter Emily Miller

We talked about Emily here where she shared her story of her home invasion by criminals, and her subsequent insane struggle to buy her first gun.

CSGV of course points out how “Reasonable” all this is, given that no other place in America is it so difficult to acquire a handgun for protection, nor is there any place so flush with violent crime.

But of course Emily is one of those victims who wishes to protect herself, the antis HATE those victims, they want timid people who are willing to lock themselves up in cages and hide under desks and demand that the government protect them from all harm.

Of course like all writings by Ladd Everett of CSGV this post is pure Ad hominem…where have we seen that before?

Many have said you can judge a person by who hates them. Well Emily you’ve attracted the attention of a wild-eyed scumbag…and he hates me as well as many of my close friends, so you’re in good company.

Also keep that new SIG of yours handy, you never know what depraved people like Mr. Everett are capable of.

Great minds think alike, more here.

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  1. Pyrotek85 says:

    “Miller also showed little grasp of facts”

    LOL, that’s rich coming from him.

  2. Jack says:

    This ties right with Agirlandhergun’s post about what the Anti’s offer. And how they treat anyone that dares to question them.

    They really don’t want to convince or use a sound argument to get people to their side. No they seem to be all about getting enough political juice to force their will onto the public, via other people’s guns of course.

    It’s like their attempt to extort Starbucks. That came up in mixed company, and even casual antis and people not exposed to guns were repulsed by naked blackmail.

    I guess it makes sense that they hate it when people stand up for themselves, regardless of the forum.

  3. Erin Palette says:

    Makes me wonder if there’s any way we, the gun community at large, can offer tangible support to Emily. Maybe a gift of a couple hundred rounds of her favorite ammunition?

  4. Tango says:

    You like how they’re using Oleg’s picture against his copyright?

  5. MAJ Mike says:

    The Lib-Cong are only pro-Choice if you agree with their choice. Why can’t they accept, “My gun. My choice”?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Ultra-Lefties such as CSGV aren’t exactly “Pro-Choice” as much as “Pro-Abortion”. Remember all the people pissed at Sarah Palin because she refused to abort a baby with Downs Syndrome?

      They’re “Pro Choice” so long as the “Choices” you make are THEIR choices. You’re free to “choose” Never to own guns!

  6. bluesun says:

    This is completely off topic, but Weer’d, were you aware that (assuming my math is correct) this is post #11 for today? And these are no pansy SayUncle posts, these are full blown quality fire and brimstone for gun rights posts! Keep it up!

  7. Cargosquid says:

    “But the bottom line is that since January 2009, only 2,115 total firearms have been registered in the District of Columbia.”

    How many FFL’s in DC? One? Two?
    How much red tape has to be gotten through?

    But…its lack of demand that causes such low registration.

    Alrighty then.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Two if you include Josh Sugarmann at VPC Headquarters. No idea WHY Josh has an 01 FFL, but he certainly isn’t using it for DC transfers.

      The guy Emily is working with is the guy who transferred every 2,115 of those guns. Also he ONLY transfers, he keeps ZERO guns in stock.

      • Cargosquid says:

        Don’t you actually be in the business to keep an 01 FFL? I understand that he has it so that he can get firearms to “critique” or bring to publicity stunts…I mean, Congressional hearings…etc.

        • Cargosquid says:

          That should say:

          “HAVE to actually be in….”

          edit THEN SUBMIT…(facepalm)

          • Weerd Beard says:

            Well Clinton did his damnedest to wipe out most of the “Kitchen Table” FFLs by demanding storefronts and certain amounts of business traffic.

            Of course one of Clinton’s Allies in this was the VPC….

  8. SGB says:

    Emily Miller made a courageous choice and we should support heron any way possible.

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