Your First Reminder

Remember, on January 8th to light a Candle to Stop Violence

If you don’t want your face in the photo or video of a candle and a carry or defensive gun is all that’s needed. Here we have my very first carry gun, a S&W642 in a Desantis Nemesis pocket holster. My preferred carry reloads are a pair of Bianchi Speed Strips. While pocket carry/backup is mostly filled by Eleanor these days, I still like having a light and compact revolver to lug around.

The candle is just in a cupcake, while the Revolver is to prevent violence.

Also for the reminder, remember that images should be posted across all electronic media. Facebook, youtube, forums, everything. That being said if you don’t have a blog of your own, I’d be perfectly willing to post your picture on January 8th. Just attach it to an email to weerdbeard gmail com, and make sure to include how you’d like to be addressed online, and I’ll post it on January 8th with my own official picture!

Remember a candle gives off a meager light, but a personal firearm in the hands of a lawful citizen can save lives! Carry your guns, people!

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  1. hank says:

    Tell you what. You light a candle. I will, at the same time, wish I could light up a zombie.

    (Not really. If we get to the point where we have zombies to light up, civilization is going to have SERIOUS issues. Sigh.)

  2. Jay G. says:

    Man, I wish this weekend wasn’t so crazy. I would love to get another shot of the Snubbie from Hell™ in action for my “candle”… 😉

  3. B&B Andy says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I need to put something together.

  4. Don says:

    Mdl 649 in a Bladetech goes camping and hiking with me. Totally love it. (Same as 642 but with bobbed hammer)

  5. Cargosquid says:

    Oooooo….. maybe someone can LIGHT a candle with the flame from their gun…or, for that matter, use a Mosin and light a cake….

  6. Archer says:

    Would it be kosher for those of us who don’t carry (yet; still need to obtain my carry gun and required permit) to instead post up pics of our home-defense weapons? Violence is violence, whether it happens on the street or in the home, after all.

  7. Miguel says:

    Weer, you SOB! I was about to write the same proposal in my Blog. But what really ticks me off is that I was also going to use a cupcake for candle holder!

    That’s it! You are not allowed to read my mind anymore! You are cut off ! LOL 😉

    I’ll have my picture up on the 8th. Let’s get this meme rolling!

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  10. eriko says:

    Finally a use for the berdan primed brass.

  11. Larry says:

    I’m all set to go.

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