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Right To Die

I’ve never got the whole opposition to doctor assisted suicide: So long as the decision is mutual with the patient still of sound mind, and the administration is done by the patient themselves. It seems odd that we will allow … Continue reading

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Illegal Drugs as Medical Treatment

Neat post: Of course I don’t agree with him about making these drugs legal. Not because I want people tripping their balls off, or shooting heroin on their front porch, but because with the “War On Drugs” we get wonderful … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” “Columbine Style”

What most people forget is the Columbine Attack was actually a failed bomb attack, rather than a successful gun attack. Oregon police said over the weekend that they stopped a Columbine-style plot against an Albany-area high school, and one student … Continue reading

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A Strange and Interesting Classic

A few years ago I asked Lord Vector if he’d ever seen the Super Mario Brothers Movie, he said he hadn’t, but noted that all he had heard was it was horrible. Now I won’t say that wasn’t true, but … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Brawl

No guns, so maybe it isn’t brutal? One man is dead and another is in the hospital battling for his life after they got into a fight when one of them rode his motorcycle across the other’s front yard in … Continue reading

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Supressed Mouse Guns

I have a soft spot for Mouse Guns, and a soft spot for suppressors. SUPER COMBO!!!111!! I posted this one before, but I might as well post it again: Part of me is glad suppressors are illegal in Massachusetts, because … Continue reading

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Out of The Park!

Lee is pretty close to batting 1000!

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Card Tricks

Found this video series of Ricky Jay doing his card-sharp mastery: I love when people have mastered the arts of the dishonest and turn around into honest showmanship!

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Ideal Gun Shop

Jay beat me too it, and you can read it here. Still friend and excellent holster-maker Dennis of Dragon Leatherworks is taking his online gun and holster business to a brick-and-mortar store, and since he’s essentially starting from scratch in … Continue reading

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