A Use for those Crappy Girl With Guns Video

I hate them. Its just poor form to hand an inexperienced person a loaded gun without the obvious teaching of form and safety…still Mike at ENDO shows us that they DO have their uses!

Note that the woman at the end with the AR-15 also has really shitty form…but she doesn’t end up dropping the gun or getting hurt.

Biden is an asshole.

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3 Responses to A Use for those Crappy Girl With Guns Video

  1. D2k says:

    That is fantastic, so much harder to lie in this age of information.

  2. Kalaryn says:

    I think it’s awful that the guys who handed those girls shotguns didn’t tell them proper form and (like you said) it is dangerous to hand inexperienced people loaded guns. But any of those girl, if they had been instructed on proper stance, etc could have handled the loaded shotguns. I’m 5’6 105 pound girl, I’ve shot a 12 gauge, not fun, I prefer a 20 but I didn’t get knocked to the ground. lol.

    Still, an AR is a far better option and I hope some day to own one.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Oh yeah, I’ve women and children shooting Shotguns and Mosin Nagants on their first day on the firing line if they want to shoot those guns.

      They’re harsh guns but hardly unmanageable for anybody with at least 100lbs of body mass and good form.

      I’ve seen many ladies your size running 12 ga slugs down range accurately and with a smile on their face.

      Its all in the form.

      That being said, a. 223 AR sure does make shooting a LOT easier on your shoulder!

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