Another Thursday Night Another SQUIRREL REPORT!!!!

We have a TON to talk about tonight, not limited to the recant of the “No Hesitation Targets”, The bulk of our carrier group being parked in Virginia, our rights and the Police’s views of them, and much much more!

Call in at 9pm EST for another fun-filled episode of THE SQUIRREL REPORT!!!

Squirrel Up

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2 Responses to MOAR SQUIRREL!

  1. Need to get back to the 2 hour format, or at least go over when the show is going well. I think there was a lot more potential for awesome tonight!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I agree, and we aren’t hard on our times. But its our philosophy that its better to quit while we’re ahead than beat a show to death, and we certainly had some shows where the last 15 to 20 mins were dead. Last night there was a good break at the 1 hour mark so we stopped, rather than bringing up a new topic.

      Leaves more for next week, and keeps you coming back to hear it!

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