Enemy of the System

They’re really getting desperate! Turns out Thirdpower is such a danger to society that Josh Horwitz decided to name him by name in his worthless senate testimony.

Funny that the people looking to restrict and confiscate civilian arms in direct violation to the spirit and letter of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution are so concerned about so-called “insurrectionists”.

I really hope this political movement doesn’t end in a 2nd Civil war because that’s just a horrible thing that nobody wants….but the anti-rights movement stands to lose a LOT more if it ever happens.

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3 Responses to Enemy of the System

  1. Erin Palette says:

    that’s just a horrible thing that nobody wants

    Sometimes, I’m not so sure.

    Some days, I suspect that is EXACTLY what some of them want.

  2. Bob S. says:

    And remember, Josh Horowitz represents an organization that “Baldr Odinson” fully supports.

    Can you say hypocrisy?

    ….2nd Civil war because that’s just a horrible thing that nobody wants…

    I agree they don’t want a Civil War but think they want the same things that caused the first civil war – a disarmed, unrepresented population subjected to arbitrary rules, imprisonment without due process, etc.

    Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat the results of history.

  3. JD says:

    They will pass the laws no matter what, they will try to disarm us, they will get either a win for them or a second Civil War. . . I don’t think they have any intention of stopping short of war anymore. . . we in MA are screwed. They have stopped listening to us a long time ago because facts no longer matter, they know in their hearts what is right. . . Now we need to keep them talking as long as we can to buy time to get ready I fear. . . I pray I am wrong but I don’t see any other end to this.

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