Good Luck With That

People are thinking about boycotting Florida:

Black lawmakers and other groups are trying to harness outrage over the George Zimmerman verdict into a national indictment against the state of Florida, seeking to organize an Arizona-style boycott against everything from tourism to orange juice.

Something tells me in a nation with a short attention span, and generally a guilty selfish attitude (How many “Progressives” are complaining about “Global Warming” and “Carbon Footprints” from their air conditioned homes and cars right now?), something tells me this will just be a flash in the pan with one exception:

Such boycotts can, in fact, be very costly to states. When critics of the Arizona immigration law began canceling trips and conventions there in 2010, it cost millions.

The Center for American Progress issued a report finding that roughly $45 million in lodging revenue was lost in the four months after passage. When transportation, entertainment, retail and other business were factored in, the lost revenue added up to more than $140 million, according to the study.

I don’t see people who drink OJ every breakfast, or find screwdrivers, or gin-and-juice to be their evening drink of choice laying off Florida. Also I don’t see the Hendersons cancelling their trip to Disney World, or the Rosenthals selling their Condo in Palm Beach, or people cancelling their plans to retire in Florida.

What I DO see is various groups looking to take a stand cancelling conventions there, or planning conventions in other states. That IS real.

Still what would you rather have, convention dollars, or legal hoops protecting criminals trying to kill you?


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3 Responses to Good Luck With That

  1. Wally says:

    I recall the AZ boycott was pretty brief, collapsing right at the point when CA said they’d boycott AZ and AZ said okeydoke and said they’d cut the power feed to CA….

    And of course there was the lunacy of boycotting things that sound like Arizona, like Arizona Iced Tea (based in Ohio, I recall)

    So I think I’ll head to AZ to check up on the true impact of the boycott, and rest assured I’ll have a second serving of OJ as I survey the situation.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    You know, one of my Brother-in-Laws has a Condo near Tampa. If the NRA decided to have the Annual Meeting in Tampa, I think I could find a way to get down there and help support the Local Economy.

    But would that make me a “Blockade Runner?”

  3. Cargosquid says:

    So…they want to boycott Florida.

    What is the color of the people that work those conventions usually?

    So, like a riot in their own neighborhood, they are willing to hurt the ones that they supposedly care about.

    Okay then

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