“Gun Death” Bat Beating

Why would anybody have a BAT?

A northeastern Arizona man has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for fatally beating a victim with a baseball bat….Woody admitted that he entered a home on the Navajo Nation on April 5 and beat the victim in the head and body with an aluminum baseball bat.

The victim died the following day from injuries sustained in the beating.

We live in a world where children can simply walk into any sporting goods store and buy an aluminum murder bat, no questions asked! We NEED common sense reform!

…Or at least that’s what they WOULD be saying if they cared about people who didn’t die a “Gun Death”.


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  1. Douglas2 says:

    <blockquote cite=http://www.pcworld.com/article/237616/baseball_bat_sales_rise_on_amazon_uk.html"Amazon needs to step in and refuse to ship the bats until the civil unrest has subsided. Of course, that position assumes the bats are being used by rioters or well-intentioned citizens looking for added protection from the violence just outside their front doors.

    Some commenters on Amazon UK have already made up their mind and are asking the online retailer to ban the items temporarily. "Call upon amazon.co.uk to ban this item temporarily as it is obviously currently abused as a cheap, quick weapon to be used in the london riots," said Amazon user Patrick Hoelscher. Others retorted by arguing the bat sales should continue so that home owners can have some manner of protection.

    But perhaps the most level-headed response came from Amazon user V. Wevell. "Even if they are being bought by respectable home and business owners, they should be banned from sale temporarily," V. Wevell said. "Vigilantism is not the answer. Get these items off the shelves, we are all scared and angry in London and need to know that measures are being taken to help us to feel safe in our Cities again."

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