New Products from Dragon Leatherworks

So we KNOW he makes great holsters, and belts too! (BTW check out the cool buckles he offers for the belts! LOVE that Steam Punk one!) He also has a gun shop where he sells guns!

Of course many of you have heard that Dennis recent underwent Bypass Surgery, and he’s doing fine, but there have been delays to holster production.

But Dragon Leatherworks doesn’t just make leather stuff! They have T-shirts and Mugs now!

Now I’m one of those guys who has too many t-shirts. I’m constantly retiring worn shirts that probably could be worn for another year or two to the endless supply of soon-to-be bore patches. Still that Mug looks really nice! May have to buy myself a Christmas Present!

Also if you click through these links, or the link to your left on the sidebar I get….NOTHING! Dennis is a good friend and has hooked me up with more gear than I deserve, and he owes me NOTHING!

Feel better soon, buddy!

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