“Gun Death” Dog Pack

Carry your guns people, not just for the two-legged predators!

Residents in the Antelope Valley town of Littlerock say a fatal mauling by a pack of pit bulls earlier this month wasn’t the first time homeowners there have encountered the aggressive animals.

Kimberly Eslick, 29, lives with her family near the intersection of Ave. R-8 and E. 113th St. She said they moved into the house about three years ago and said they see stray dogs all the time. Pit bulls used to sleep on their front porch and now there are dogs everywhere, she said.

“There’s stray dogs running all over, all the time,” said her mother-in-law, Carolyn Eslick, 54.

Not a “Gun Death”, but what’s the solution?

Kimberly Eslick’s husband complained to the Sheriff’s Department once about the stray dogs, and he said the response was, “Why don’t you just shoot them?”

That’s the approach Jane Hammer, 60, and her husband take.

Hammer, 60, said she carries a handgun with a hot-pink handle.

She keeps it on a lanyard around her neck every time she leaves her house.

Guns save lives!

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