Oh The Great Social Experiment

Via Thirdpower, Governor Quinn of Illinois talks about the horrors of Concealed carry.

Chicago News and Weather | FOX 32 News

I mean, the HORROR of people being able to carry LOADED guns around. That’s a “Recipe for Disaster”! I mean 49 other states allow some form of carry, and about 42 of those states are straight-up Shall-issue, meaning that if you can pass a criminal background check, and possibly pass a safety course you get to carry a loaded gun.

Oh and the HORROR of people being able to carry where ALCOHOL is served! Of course there’s the false dichotomy of “Guns and Alcohol don’t Mix”…duhhh! And no state allows drunks to carry. But if you’re not drinking, or not impaired (depending on your state’s laws) Most states allow carry in an establishment where alcohol is sold and consumed!

The same crap comes when Massachusetts wants to lift the ban on fireworks, or allow grocery stores to sell beer. Somehow this “Great Social Experiment” line flies. What is with people who live in a state with odd restrictions A) Thinking ALL states are as byzantine as them, and B) Joining EVERY OTHER STATE in the Union will some how result in the state quickly degenerating to scene from Mad Max or The Road???

On a great note, while Illinois struggles to Join the 1990s with their carry laws, Arkansas is Joining the future of carry by making the carry permit a formality!

Good for them!

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5 Responses to Oh The Great Social Experiment

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Something tells me that a certain Federal Judge is not too happy with a certain Goober who thinks he’s Above the Law.

  2. DS says:

    You can’t sell beer in grocery stores in Massachusetts? Seriously? You can buy beer at the grocery store in UTAH.

    On a side note, people are already carrying in public, every day. It’s just fine.

    • GomeznSA says:

      Yep – the ‘bad guys’ have been doing it IN SPITE of any laws to the contrary for like, forever. They were doing so when knives and swords were in vogue. And that is exactly the TRUTH that the hoplophobes always intentionally ignore: only law abiding folks (ie the ‘good guys’) obey the law, the ‘bad guys’ never have and never will, well duh – that’s why they are ‘bad guys’ – otherwise known as criminals.

  3. Old NFO says:

    Yeah, he just ‘might’ have bit off more than he can chew on this one…

  4. BobinKy says:

    How’s that “goalkeeping” working for you Governor? You’ve disarmed the populace that might deter the rampant violence infecting your state! Thank God the media feeds this narcissism, that you are above the constitutional rights of your citizens. I carry everyday. I have yet to become Billy the Kid. I understand my responsibilities and take them seriously! Please walk through your city, without your bodyguards, at night and experience the horror you are perpetuating.

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