“Peaceful Protests” This Evening

Looks like the Occupy Wall Street movement is organizing protests nation-wide.

Hopefully it will just be quiet protests with just some ugly racist overtones. Still last time We had this band of “Progressives” together there was violence, vandalism, and massive arrests.

If you’re a lawful citizen stay away from these areas and let the police and press handle them.

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3 Responses to “Peaceful Protests” This Evening

  1. Will B. says:

    It is truly a sad day when Americans organize to “protest” over this blown out of proportions case ruling but not blatant violations of the Constitution.

  2. Divemedic says:

    I don’t understand what these protesters are hoping for. He can’t be tried again for the shooting, and under Florida law he will likely be granted immunity to civil suits, with the result that anyone suing him will have to pay his legal costs. I suppose they can push for a Federal civil rights case, but that is likely not going to work, seeing as how the FBI already reported that there was no evidence of racial bias on Zimmerman’s part.

  3. LMB says:


    Bunch of fucking idiots down in LA getting their asses handed to them by the cops.
    I’m not gonna shed a single tear for any of them.

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