Sebastian is Starting To See It!

I like Sebastian, he’s a nice guy and I’ve enjoyed my social times with him, as well as read his blog daily. Still my one big issue with him is I often see him as a Republican Apologist.

Then he writes this:

Anyone still want to argue we aren’t in grave danger? The GOP can be counted on not to be counted on….That’s exactly what’s happened to gun voters in New Jersey. They’ve just given up, because neither party will do anything for them. They are largely not a factor in politics in New Jersey. Does the GOP nationally just want to surrender a huge voting bloc? Personally, if the GOP throws us under the bus. I’m done with the issue. At that point it’s got to be a third party.

This is why I voted for Gary Johnson in the Presidential election, and shed no tears to Scott Brown’s well-deserved defeat. I’ve given up on the GOP as a block (there are still individuals worthy of my support, but the party as a whole is only slightly less horrible than the Democrats), years ago. Sebastian is willing to give them one more chance….and if they don’t fuck this one up, he’ll be at this point again in the future.

My line in the sand got crossed ages ago, his is just up the road in a few months.

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  1. Jake says:

    A few months? More like a couple of weeks. We’re at T-2 days until Feinstein is scheduled to introduce her bill, and I would not be surprised to see an Obamacare style ramrodding by the Democrats, either. I can see the Republican party holding out on the first draft, but the follow-up bills – as the Democrats “compromise” on some of their demands – worry me.

  2. James says:

    I like both Sebastion and Bitter a bunch. I agree with probably 95% of their positions, which is why I read firearm blogs such as theirs promoting the commoners use of firearms for defense of self and state. They are faulty, however, in that they are willing to use political tools that are not in their or our best interests to achieve these ends.

    But Sebastion hangs his hat on the GOP to protect Constitutional guarantees. I think you know the GOP, NRA, and the machine exist as entities to further themselves, as a counter to the opposing aisle’s policies. For the most part, they don’t give a crap about your natural rights under the founding father’s protections. Allegiance to a major party is why we are $16 trillion+ in the hole and rapidly vanishing 1st, 4th and at least 10th amendment rights.

    Sebastion/Bitter proved to me their fidelity to a monolithic party in their (her?) blog on June 20 this year titled “Where Do Small Government Supporters Turn When They Lose?” The GOP chose to break their own rules multiple times and the Ron Paul campaign fought back. Sebastion and Bitter thought it better to belittle small government types to support their party.

    Congratulations on having an open mind and voting with the herd of cats and Gary Johnson. There are plenty of voices now supporting policies of liberty and I hope the movement continues to grow, no matter how much we are denigrated.

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