Images of the Antis: Discussion

This one is quite the strawman:

Baldr discussion

Now first up let’s note that Mr. Jason “Baldr” Kilgore used to have a comment section on his blog, but since it was all pro-gun people rebutting his points, he shut it down. Same goes for most anti-gun blogs with an ounce of readership. Same goes for anti-gun lobby groups. The Brady Campaign blog used to have a comment section and they nuked it because it was mostly pro gunners rebutting their paper-thin points.

Amazing how much time anti-gunner spend trying to stifle bi-partisan discussion of gun control, while simultaneously saying that the pro-gun side refuses to talk about the issue.

Now let’s get past the strawman and delve into reality. Remember that anti-gun playbook that got leaked? The order from on-high is for anti-gunner to strike while the anvil is hot, the blood is still wet, and the bodies have not yet cooled. Their attack is pure emotion and devoid of fact. When the antis want to talk is when the facts of the event are still not known. Remember when the Washington Navy Yard shooter was armed with an AR-15? Turns out his weapon was a Remington 870 shotgun, but facts aren’t relevant to anti-gunners, just emotion, and when emotion is the driving factor, the story is far from reality.

Still once the dust settles, the bodies are buried or at least in a morgue, and all the facts are known, where are the antis? Suddenly they don’t want to talk anymore!

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4 Responses to Images of the Antis: Discussion

  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    Speaking of Blood Dancing, the Brooklyn Chapter of the NAACP gave a statement yesterday regarding the NYPD Massacre saying that they “Deplored the Gun Violence that is Rampant in America, and something must be done to get those Guns off the Street.”

    Gee, I wonder if they’d support Mandatory Prison Sentences for Thugs who USE Guns, like the Nameless Scumbag who killed those Cops while on “Probation” for BREAKING THE GUN LAWS!

    • Weerd Beard says:

      From all I’m reading said scumbag was a convicted felon who did hard time, and was from Baltimore, where he shot his girlfriend, and then brought his guns to NYC.

      Obviously gun control is the solution, because Baltimore and NYC are too lax with their laws.

  2. Eck! says:


    That’s by far the most interesting comic as it can be taken three ways. Gun-grabbers,
    blood dancing, media blood dancing, and 2A rights hearing the same broken record
    from the first two. Methinks they need to pay attention to the noise that emanates
    from their selves.

    Every so often those gun-grabbers loose their own picture and ugh, shoot themselves
    squarely in the big toe. I see most of them failing hard on comprehension.


  3. Bob S. says:

    I think this one displays the most psychological projection I’ve seen so far. As you say, the antis don’t want to discuss things; especially not on their blogs.

    Ask an anti what they are going to give up for a ‘compromise’ and they will respond with ‘nothing — now isn’t the time to talk about repealing laws, we need more’.

    They are also the worst about repeating –mindlessly — their talking points about background checks. Sheesh, how many background checks did the Washington Navy Yard shooter pass ?
    1. Texas CHL, 2. Employment background check, 3. Security Clearance background check, 4. when he purchased the shotgun
    Virginia Tech shooter -2, UCSB — at least 2, and the list goes on. Antis do not wan to talk about how ordinary criminals are avoiding background checks to get firearms.
    Nope, just mindless repetition ‘we need more background checks’.

    And even when the latest incident is still just hours old the antis don’t want to talk with us. Look at their reaction to LaPierre’s statement about putting armed security in schools. They didn’t discuss it with him or anyone else. Just blasted it as insensitive (and when the NRA stayed quiet, they were blasted as insensitive also).

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